Leadership Team

  • Steve Carter

    Steve Carter

    Steve Carter My salvation experience is we frequently moved continually had to leave friends, so it was less painful not to make friends in the first place. Often, was the new kid on the block, so always answered challenges and remained hidden in the background. I believed there was a God, feared and respected Him, […]

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  • Greg Grempler

    Greg Grempler

    Greg Grempler My salvation experience is I was saved as a child at the age of 7. I asked Jesus into my heart and began a personal relationship with Christ. I have been married for 32 years to Kimberly. I have two sons, Trent, in college, and my oldest son Grant who is marrying Anna […]

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  • William Long

    William Long

    William Long My salvation experience is from the time I was very young, I was raised in a household with what I would call dueling religions. My dad was a practicing Catholic and my mom was a member of the Evangelical Church. When it came time for me to attend classes, dad never signed me […]

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  • Steve Lanemann

    Steve Lanemann

    Steve Lanemann My salvation experience is I was baptized by immersion when I was 12 but honestly can’t recall what led to that decision. Fast forward about 30 years, Laura and I were at a marriage conference in Branson with friends from Concord, and during one of the sessions I hit me hard that Christ […]

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  • Eric Holderle

    Eric Holderle

    My salvation experience is when I was a Junior my parents started attending Bible Study Fellowship classes at FBCA. They would come home and share what they learned with me and my brother. I was very interested and eager to learn more and there were other evenings in my life and the life of my […]

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  • Zachariah Riney

    Zachariah Riney

    Zachariah Riney My salvation experience is I was raised in the Church and gave my life to Christ during a revival. My relationship continued to grow and become my own in middle school, high school, and college. My wife grew up here at Concord and we have our first child on the way. We enjoy […]

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  • Joshua Post

    Joshua Post

    Joshua Post My salvation experience is I grew up in the church, but after college, I had to decide to really make my faith my own. After visiting churches with my soon to be wife, I was rebaptized as an adult in my mid-twenties. My wife Dana homeschools our two daughters Abigail and Hannah We […]

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  • Dave Marlette

    Dave Marlette

    Dave Marlette My salvation experience is as a baby, I was christened in the Presbyterian church. As an adult, I was baptized at Concord Church. I’ve witnessed the power of salvation in my own life and in the lives of others. I would be happy to share these stories with anyone! I was raised by […]

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  • David Knell

    David Knell

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  • Donnie Bennett

    Donnie Bennett

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  • Jesse Stricker

    Jesse Stricker

    Deacon Name  Jesse Stricker My salvation experience is I was saved as a young teenager and served in the church until enlisting in US Air Force at age 19. I married at age 21 and returned to serve in the church at age 26 after the birth of our first child. Served faithfully ever since […]

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  • Kia Ashrafzadeh

    Kia Ashrafzadeh

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  • Ken Aubuchon

    Ken Aubuchon

    Deacon Ken Aubuchon My salvation experience is 11 years old and a Sunday morning revival service. I went forward with my dad and step Jesus Christ as my savior. That night in the evening service I was baptized. I’ve been married to my lovely wife Linda since June 1, 1974. We have one Son Nathan […]

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  • Jeff Bradshaw

    Jeff Bradshaw

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  • Mike Collins

    Mike Collins

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  • Chris Cormack

    Chris Cormack

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