Woo Marriage Resources

Woo Marriage Resources

Free resources to develop a stronger marriage

We invite you to invest in your marriage and family by participating in Woo Marriage, a free, self-paced online marriage enrichment program taught by seasoned ministry leaders, authors, and researchers.

Select your Woo Marriage pathway

We have established three primary pathways for you to choose from. Use the descriptions below to choose the pathway that’s right for you, and find additional details on this page for how to log in and use these free course materials.

PREPARE For Marriage – Learn about God’s design for marriage and how to set healthy expectations before you enter into this sacred covenant.

STRENGTHEN Your Marriage – Get equipped and grow closer to each other and to God through healthy behaviors, patterns, and disciplines.

RESTORE Your Marriage – We believe that God’s heart is to heal marriages. We believe that He provides hope for hopeless situations, transformation in times of trial, and restoration for all relationships.

How to use Woo Marriage resources

Creating an account

  1. Click the link under the pathway description to begin that pathway.
  2. When the Woo Marriage screen appears, LOG IN if you already have a LifeWay account. If you don’t already have a LifeWay account, click REGISTER to create an account for yourself, and click SIGN UP.
  3. Within a few seconds, a list of the designated courses for the pathway you selected should appear. (If not, log out and log in again.)

Using resource material

  1. If your pathway includes the “Welcome to Woo Marriage” course:
    Click on the course title. When the list of sessions appears, click on “Introduction for Couples: How to Get Started” and watch that before selecting any other courses. Once you have watched this introductory video, click on your personalized TRAINING tab (example, John’s Training) in the upper right corner of the screen to return to the list of courses in the pathway you have selected.
    If your pathway does not include the “Welcome to Woo Marriage” course:
    Go to step 2 below.
  2. Click on any of the course titles in the list to begin that course. (You can complete these in any order.)
  3. Once you click on a course title, the course content list will appear, including: (a) a Before You Start Free Download, (b) the list of individual video sessions, and (c) suggested Next Steps & Recommended Resources. (NOTE: These recommended resources will typically appear as items available for purchase via the LifeWay website but are completely optional and not required for participation in the Woo Marriage program.)
    Although the courses in your pathway’s list may be completed in any order, we recommend you complete the steps within each course in the order listed by clicking on the START button beneath the course description. (You can click on individual steps if you prefer.)
  4. Once you complete all the steps in a particular course, the course name will shift from the TRAINING tab to the HISTORY tab in the upper left side of your screen. If you decide you would like to repeat any course, or part of a course, simply click on the course title in the HISTORY list to view again.
  5. Once you have completed all the courses in your chosen pathway, you also have the option to select another preset pathway or choose any other individual course that interests you. Use the SEARCH TRAINING tab in the upper left corner of your screen to find additional content.
  6. READY TO LOG OUT? You may log out at any time by selecting the MORE tab in the upper right corner and then clicking on LOG OUT.
  7. LOGGING BACK IN: Once you’ve initially selected your pathway and created an account, you can log back in at any time by simply clicking on the link to your pathway again from our website. A message will appear that says, “You’ve Already Used This Code!” Click on SKIP FOR NOW and that will take you directly to your list of courses.

Need help?

  1. If you experience technical difficulties after logging into the Woo Marriage program, select the MORE tab in the upper right corner and click HELP & FEEDBACK to receive assistance.
  2. If you would like to speak to a pastoral staff member at Concord Church regarding your marriage or have other questions about the Woo Marriage material, contact the church office at 314.843.3500.