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After the loss of her oldest son, Shannon Kress started HUGS4LIFE in his memory.  This ministry connects with people after the loss of a child by delivering a memorial candle (featuring a picture of the child) and a special note of encouragement to the parents or guardians.

For more information about getting involved with HUGS4LIFE, please check out their Facebook page at HUGS4LIFE.

Ways to Contribute Through Concord

Give online at concordchurch.com/give to help with mailing costs (select Hugs4Life in the drop-down menu) or write a check with the ministry name on the memo line.

Hands-On Ways You Can Help

Purchase Yankee Candles and labels

Ways Your Group or Class Can Get Involved

Collect funds to purchase a gift card to Yankee Candle to be used for candles and labels

Write cards of encouragement for the gift bags