Chris Rowton

Chris Rowton

Chris Rowton serves as our Worship Director for Concord Church. He oversees all things related to the weekend experience here at Concord; he oversees or gives input to include the music on the stage, coordinating the teams, rehearsals, and all things tech.

Chris has worked in a Church Leadership capacity for over 30 years. He attended Vanguard University in Southern California on a music scholarship, and during that time, got his first job as a worship leader. It was that first job that would define his future. Through the years, Chris has worked for churches in Los Angeles, Seattle, New York City and finally he and his family made their home here in St. Louis nearly 20 years ago. Serving in multiple places and in churches with congregations as large as 8,000, Chris has had the opportunity to work with many different cultures, age groups, and styles.

Through the years, he’s done it all, directing large choirs, bands, orchestras, traveling, team building, consulting, training, and creatively cultivating new ideas that help the church to move forward in a consistently changing culture. Chris’ greatest passion is leading people in worship. If you ask him, he will tell you there is nothing better than standing in front of a group of people who are fully engaged in worship, expressing their
love for God!

Chris has been married to his wife Radonda for 32 years. Radonda is a Licensed Professional Counselor working in Chesterfield. Together they have a Son, Justin who is a professional musician living in Nashville, and their daughter, Julie who is a talented worship leader, has a background in Youth Ministry and lives in Atlanta with her husband Joey.

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