Return to Live Services

Return to Live Services

We are excited to announce that we will open our building for worship soon. Before we clarify the when, we want to discuss the whowhat, and the how of our limited return to services. Please read this list carefully and go over it with your family.

Who should stay home?

Your physical presence or absence in our building during service time is not a test of your faith in Christ. If you fall into one of these categories, then our online services are best for you:

  • If you are sick or have a high fever.
  • If you are unable to wear a mask for the duration of your visit (age 3 and up).
  • If you have knowingly been exposed to someone with coronavirus.
  • If you are currently being tested for coronavirus and don’t have results yet.
  • If you are under quarantine for coronavirus.
  • If you have traveled to areas with significant coronavirus outbreaks.
  • If you have respiratory health issues.
  • If you feel that attending would endanger you or your family.
  • If you feel anxious about contracting coronavirus.

What is expected of me?

For the current season, we are asking all attendees to abide by the following rules:

  • Enter the building no earlier than 10:10am.
  • Move directly from your car to your seat for the services.
  • Families need to stay together and sit together.
  • Wear a mask or face covering at all times (age 3 and up).
  • Maintain six feet of social distancing both inside and outside of the building.
  • Follow the instructions on signs.
  • Follow the instructions of our welcome team and staff.

How will things be different?

Because of our caution and concern for your health, your time here may feel strange. Here are some ways your experience at Concord will be different:

  • No classes for adults, students, or children.
  • No coffee, beverages, or water fountains will be available.
  • No food/beverage containers or reusable bags will be allowed into the building.
  • No bulletins will be available.
  • No handshakes or hugs (but smiles and waves are encouraged).
  • Offerings may be placed in one of the boxes at the auditorium doors.
  • No time of greeting during the service.
  • Service service length will be shorter.
  • Entry into the restrooms will be limited to two people per restroom at any time.
  • No congregating/fellowship time in the Atrium before or after the service.
  • Attendees will need to wait to be seated by an auditorium host.
  • Attendees will need to remain seated at the end of the service until their row is dismissed.

What can I expect from Concord?

The staff and other leaders are working diligently to make your time with us as enjoyable and safe as possible. Here are steps we are taking to ensure your safety:

  • We will continue to stream our services online for those who wish to stay home.
  • All common surfaces, including chairs, will be sanitized before each service.
  • We will have masks available for all attendees who do not have one.
  • We will have hand sanitizer stations available.
  • We will monitor entry into the restrooms, which will be sanitized regularly.
  • We will optimize our ventilation system to maximize fresh airflow.
  • We will have children’s restrooms available for those with small children.
  • We will have main doors propped open to minimize the number of common surfaces that need to be touched.

What about my kids?

Here is what we have in place for families with children:

  • We will have worship activity bags available as families enter the auditorium to help kids keep their hands busy and their minds engaged during the service.
  • We will have designated children’s restrooms for families with small children.
  • We will have a Cry Room for families with fussy babies.
  • We will have a Wiggle Room for families with busy children.
  • Note: Children’s restrooms, Cry Room, and Wiggle Room are all located just past the big blue Kids wall in the Atrium.

When does the church reopen?

We are planning on reopening for worship on July 5. The building  will open at 10:10am, and the service will begin at 10:30am . Please know that this service may move completely online if the staff and Leadership Team feel that the risk for attendees is too great, so please stay tuned for the latest updates.

Still have questions?

If you have any questions regarding any of this information or anything related to our reopening, please call the church office at 314.843.3500 on Monday through Friday between 11:30am and 1:30pm.