1 Peter

  • From Giving Thanks to Giving Jesus

    From Giving Thanks to Giving Jesus

    Sermon Notes 1 Peter 3:15 A Scripture to remember: A few steps to take: Discussion Questions TALK IT OUT:  LIVE IT OUT 

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  • Unordinary Generosity

    Unordinary Generosity

    Sermon Notes Main Verses: (1 Peter 2:11, 2 Cor 8:1-9) Key Term: παροικος (paroikos), sojourner – meaning a temporary settler or foreign visitor The Christ-following people have always been a community within a community. The name “sojourner”  given to us by Peter designated us as passing through a land heading to our place of permanent […]

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  • God Is Connecting Us To Jesus

    God Is Connecting Us To Jesus

    Sermon Notes Have you ever felt this way? – I want to trust God, but I just don’t know what He is up to. Trusting God Through It All In Peter’s letter to the church, he mentions a very specific kind of suffering that Christians were experiencing: they were insulted. Honor and Shame Honor was […]

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