• Vision Sunday

    Vision Sunday

    Title: Vision Sunday Main Verse: (Acts 16:9-15) Key Thought:  Following Jesus requires us to think both creatively and strategically. This has always been true, but in today’s context, creative thinking is absolutely essential for a church to survive. Today we will note how the Paul the Apostle demonstrates this mission-mindedness. The big lesson we can […]

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  • The Two Offices

    Sermon Notes Main Verses: (Acts 6:1-7 Acts 20:17-35) If we follow the Bible as we go to church, we should follow the Bible in organizing the church. And the Bible has two offices for the New Testament church; Deacons and Pastors. Let’s examine these terms and how they were understood in the early church. Key […]

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  • Love God, Love People, Commit

    Love God, Love People, Commit

    Sermon Notes Let’s Review and then Commit! Main Idea of the Series: To be the greatest church, we must follow the greatest commandment from the greatest person. Part 1 of the Command, Love Go Repent –Jesus’ ministry began with repentance (Mark 1:15) –The church’s ministry began with repentance. (Acts 2:38) –The developed church was challenged […]

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  • Love Others, Share

    Love Others, Share

    Sermon Notes Key Thought:  The Apostle Paul was a man of prayer and action. After a difficult season, he sensed a call to go to a new region. This move was the beginning point of the first church in Europe. The region God called him to was Macedonia. The city- Philippi. Everything was different here. […]

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  • Our Deacons

    Our Deacons

    Sermon Notes Main Question: Shouldn’t Jesus and the Bible define for us how to do church? Today we will dive into the origin story of deacons. One thing to notice is how the church responded to a crisis with adaptive leadership. This approach of handling problems led to the formation of deacons in the early […]

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  • More Stuff Versus More Generosity

    More Stuff Versus More Generosity

    Sermon Notes Introduction to HABITS:It’s obvious that our personal choices shape our lives. But what may not be so obvious is the extreme power of habits that have broad reaching for not only our own lives, but our family lives, our friends, community and church. Small decisions compounded over time can bring health or disease, […]

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  • A Cure For The New Epidemic

    Sermon Notes There is an epidemic that is killing us: loneliness. A recent survey of 20,000 U.S. adults – Cigna & Ipsos (2018) cigna.com/newsroom/news 40% – almost half report feeling alone 47% – or left out 27% – feel they are not understood 43% – feel relations are not meaningful or they feel isolated Bottom Line Finding: […]

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  • Origin Story

    Origin Story

    Sermon Notes Perceptions of early Christianity: quiet, holy, peaceful, overcomers, joyous, carefree though persecuted Key Thought: A relationship with God should challenge your value system and rearrange the details of your life. Few stories demonstrate this better than the Church at Thessalonica. 1. We have a solid source to inform our faith – Acts 17:1-4 […]

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  • Commitment Sunday

    Commitment Sunday

    Sermon Notes Church Definition: A movement of people on mission for God with a message of salvation. Key Thought – The moment you clarify a missional goal is the moment you have opened yourself up to resistance, obstacle, and tension. 1. Sometimes the church’s mission (and leaders) can be easily misunderstood (so we must keep […]

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  • Nuts And Bolts

    Nuts And Bolts

    Sermon Notes Church Definition: A movement of people on mission for God with a message of salvation. When is the church first mentioned in the Bible? Peter quotes Joel to identify this new movement – Acts 2:14-21 Joel predicated the Church would be: Global – all people Intergenerational – young men, old men Including both […]

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  • A Generous Church

    A Generous Church

    Sermon Notes Church Definition: A movement of people on mission for God with a message of salvation. 1. A generous church is known for crazy prayers Peter and John Timeline in Acts 4:1-26 Seized by captain of the temple guard Unjustly imprisoned overnight Interrogated by officials Threatened by officials Returned to their friends and family […]

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  • A Simple Definition

    A Simple Definition

    Message Notes There is a word Jesus mentions 105 times in the gospels, and Jesus spent his final days teaching about this one topic. The word is kingdom. Jesus Sees The Work Of The Church Operating Inside His Kingdom – Matt. 16:16-19, 28:19, 20 In a 10-Mile Radius of Concord 976,167 people 405,384 homes The […]

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