• In Uncertain Times

    In Uncertain Times

    Sermon Notes We are facing uncertainty at all levels of our human experience. Uncertainty about international politics and war Uncertainty due our climate/weather patterns Uncertainty about the current health crisis Uncertainty about relational challenges Uncertainty about your career Uncertainty about your family relationships Uncertainty about our own identity and place in the world Some of […]

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  • Better with Less Worry

    Better with Less Worry

    Sermon Notes Introduction to Better: You know the saying- “If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you will keep getting what you’ve been getting” We know this is true and yet we still fall into the same routines. Routines of being overworked, insecure, foolish, and worried. But what if there were a better way. What […]

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  • The Power Myth

    The Power Myth

    Sermon Notes Opening Thought – For someone who exudes all kinds of power all over the world, Jesus had an unusual distance from worldly power while in this world. Myth – If I possess more worldly power, then I will have less worldly fear. Jesus said “no” to worldly power Luke 4:5-6 – (not power […]

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  • Enoughness


    Sermon Notes Discuss with your family and friends: What are some common fears that people are facing right now? How are those fears shaping their lives? We have many sources of fear. Some of these sources are tied directly to the outbreak we are now experiencing. Some fear the loss of a job, the loss […]

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