Faith Over Fear

  • Vision Sunday

    Vision Sunday

    Title: Vision Sunday Main Verse: (Acts 16:9-15) Key Thought:  Following Jesus requires us to think both creatively and strategically. This has always been true, but in today’s context, creative thinking is absolutely essential for a church to survive. Today we will note how the Paul the Apostle demonstrates this mission-mindedness. The big lesson we can […]

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  • The Power Myth

    The Power Myth

    Sermon Notes Opening Thought – For someone who exudes all kinds of power all over the world, Jesus had an unusual distance from worldly power while in this world. Myth – If I possess more worldly power, then I will have less worldly fear. Jesus said “no” to worldly power Luke 4:5-6 – (not power […]

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  • The Only Fear

    The Only Fear

    Sermon Notes How should we respond if Jesus is calling us into a fearful situation? Key Thought: Jesus calls his disciples into risky situations and then tells them they should only fear one thing. Jesus and His Disciples Training Phase – Matthew 9:35-36 Praying Phase – Matthew 9:37-38 Sending Phase – Matthew 10:1-8 We don’t […]

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  • Seek First

    Seek First

    Sermon Notes Anxiety Rollo May, an existential psychologist, promoted research that highlighted the difference between fear and anxiety.Fear – “Fear is an instinctive response to an immediate and clear danger”Anxiety – Diffused and vague, dread, no clear source Discuss the following: Identify a time when you have felt fearful and a time you have felt anxious? […]

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  • Enoughness


    Sermon Notes Discuss with your family and friends: What are some common fears that people are facing right now? How are those fears shaping their lives? We have many sources of fear. Some of these sources are tied directly to the outbreak we are now experiencing. Some fear the loss of a job, the loss […]

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