Live Generously

For many, these are stressful days in the area of our personal finances. The economy is on the skids, Our savings have tanked, And our financial margins are way too thin, But the good news is that God is not silent about how to handle our finances. In fact, learning God’s wisdom about our wealth will reduce stress and grant more freedom for generosity. In this upcoming teaching series, Pastor Rusty will teach us Biblical principles about handling our wealth, which leads to more joy and fulfillment. We will open up God’s word to see what it teaches us in this one important area of life. So, if you are ready to get a handle on your money and you have a longing to live a generous life, then join us for this new series called Living Generously.

  • Live Generously – Spending

    Live Generously – Spending

    Sermon Notes 1 Timothy 6:3-10 Key Thought: Good doctrine and good financial sense go together. This connection is soImportant: Paul made sure to instruct a young pastor about these two topics before closing out his letter. At the crux of this issue was the importance of pursuing contentment over and above consumerism. So, Paul’s focus […]

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  • Living Generously – Your Extra

    Living Generously – Your Extra

    Sermon Notes Luke 12:13-21 Key Thought:Most of us have extra. And when we have extra money, we are just naturally tempted to be selfish. In this lesson, we will observe Jesus doing impromptu teaching about money. And Jesus gives us a stern warning about pursuing more just for more’s sake. Because when this happens, it […]

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  • Living Generously – The Tyranny of Debt

    Living Generously – The Tyranny of Debt

    Sermon Notes Ecclesiastes 4:4, Proverbs 25:28, Deut. 28:12, Proverbs 22:7 Key Thought: There are basically two ways to raise your standard of living. One is to save your way to a better standard living. The second is to debt your way to a better standard of living. But only one of these helps us avoid […]

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  • Living Generously – The Objective

    Living Generously – The Objective

    Sermon Notes 1 Chronicles 29:1-14 Back Story King David is passionate about spending a lot of money to build a temple for God (1 Chr. 17:1). The Prophet Nathan initially affirmed his desire (1 Chr. 17:2). Then God spoke new guidance into this situation (1 Chr. 17:3-4, 11-15). Takeaway When there is a deep passion, […]

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  • Living Generously

    Living Generously

    Getting Started Notes Sermon Series: “Live Generously” (Matthew 6:21, Luke 16:13) Date: June 31, 2022 10 BIG IDEAS ABOUT MONEY Here is a slate of key principles regarding understanding our money. These concepts are all the more critical during financial stress and inflation. Financial health follows the laws of the harvest. The results are not […]

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