Sermons by Tim Richards

Sermons by Tim Richards


Sermon Notes 1. Being thankful is very challenging – Numbers 11:4-10, 18-20 & 31-34 We all have a choice of whether we’ll focus on what we have or what we don’t. Getting what we want doesn’t automatically make us either happy or grateful. 2. Being thankful is very important – 2 Timothy 3:2-5 According to God, being ungrateful is a big deal. Being ungrateful and…

Being There For One Another

Sermon Notes The Tough Reality – Everyone struggles, and every person has at some point felt lonely. Key Concept #1 – We should be eager to help Family needs to work together to help one another when we struggle Fallen members of our church family or regular family should be neither neglected nor rejected; they need to be restored Don’t fall into the trap of feeling…