• Our Interrupting Neighbor

    Our Interrupting Neighbor

    Sermon Notes Sermon Series: The Power of One Sermon #1: Our Interrupting Neighbor (Luke 10:25-37) To be the greatest church, we must follow the greatest commandment from the greatest person for the greatest glory. Neighboring Well: We are asking you to open up your life to other people so you can look for opportunities to […]

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  • I Belong to Others Because I Belong to God

    I Belong to Others Because I Belong to God

    Jesus as the savior not only unites us with God but with one another.

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  • I Belong Even When the World Seems Out of Control

    I Belong Even When the World Seems Out of Control

    Sermon Notes Verses: Isa. 9:2-7 We are very familiar with the historical characters around the manger (the shepherds, the wise men, etc.) But some may not be as familiar with the backstory of Christmas. In this background, one of the most uplifting passages predicting Christ’s arrival came at one of the lowest points in Israel’s […]

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  • I Belong Because God Can Use Me

    I Belong Because God Can Use Me

    Sermon Notes Verses: Luke 2:1-20, John 4:39-41, 1 Cor. 1:26-31 Introduction: God has a way of using people that others would normally overlook. The fact that God chose shepherds to announce Jesus’ arrival was a foreshadowing of how God would continue to operate with other outsiders, misfits, and questionable characters. And if God can use […]

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  • No Thanks

    No Thanks

    Sermon Notes Luke 17:11-19 Remember the confusion everyone felt when COVID-19 was becoming well known? Today people know a lot more about the disease. When you remember the panic & confusion all of us felt not too long ago, you’ll have a bit of an idea of what it was like to have Leprosy in […]

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  • Make Every Effort

    Make Every Effort

    Sermon Notes Main Verses: John 17:20-23, Ephesians 4:1-6 Introduction: We all possess different motivations driving our decisions to come to church for the first time. For some, it’s to learn more about the Bible. For others, it is to make a public statement about their belief in God. And still for others, like church, because […]

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  • Practical Tips

    Practical Tips

    Sermon Notes Main Verse: Col. 4:2-6 Key Thought: Paul has discussed some weighty principles of behavior for the Christ followers inside this church. He now gives some very practical instructions about their behavior both in their internal and external worlds. His two main topics here are how we should speak to God and how we […]

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  • The Awkward Subject of Slavery

    The Awkward Subject of Slavery

    Sermon Notes Main Verse: Col 3:22-25 – Col 4:1 Key Thought: For obvious reasons, many are caught off guard when they read verses in the Bible that seem to condone slavery. But part of this surprise is due to a cultural gap in understanding between the first century and the twenty-first century. Another important factor […]

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  • Jesus in the Home

    Jesus in the Home

    Sermon Notes Main Verse: Colossians 3:17-25 Key Thought: The First Century Home was ruled by the Husband/Father. Everyone and everything was geared to serve his needs. In most parts of the Roman empire, fathers could terminate the life of any family member with little to no legal recourse. This was also true for household servants. […]

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  • Church Clothes

    Church Clothes

    Sermon Notes Main Verse: (Col. 3:1-17) Key Thought: Paul now leads the church to divert its attention away from the outside forces swirling around. He challenges them to focus their hearts on Christ. He then lists the important behaviors that are Christ-honoring. This means our choices do matter in God’s kingdom activity. And if we […]

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  • Under Pressure

    Under Pressure

    Sermon Notes Col. 1,2: 1-23 Key Thought: The believers inside the Church of Colossae felt pressure from the outside to behave in certain ways. There were two sources of this opposition. One was from mystical polytheism, and the other was from Judaizers trying to get the new Christians to follow the calendar and regulations of […]

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  • God is Working in Our Suffering

    God is Working in Our Suffering

    Sermon Notes Main Verse: Col 1:15-23 Key Thought: When we are going through anxious moments, we can sometimes wonder what is God up to. Paul reassures us that suffering can accomplish things that ease and comfort cannot. So, we shouldn’t let earthly suffering shake our faith in Christ when Christ himself faced tremendous pain. But […]

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  • Jesus is Enough

    Jesus is Enough

    Sermon Notes Main Verses: (Col 1:15-23) Key Thought: Previously, Paul mentioned that we, as saints, have been rescued into a kingdom of light. Then, with intense imagery from the Bible, Paul illuminates the King of this Kingdom. When we are shaken by pressures from this world, we must focus on Jesus’ true nature and identity. […]

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  • We Have Hope

    We Have Hope

    Sermon Notes Psalm 46 Introduction Most of us remember where we were when the two planes struck the Twin Towers. Today we will allow the Scriptures to guide us through these memories as we reflect on the horrors and promises of 9/11. Key Thought:  Often, the Psalm writers provide guidance on how to handle extreme […]

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  • Living Generously – Your Extra

    Living Generously – Your Extra

    Sermon Notes Luke 12:13-21 Key Thought:Most of us have extra. And when we have extra money, we are just naturally tempted to be selfish. In this lesson, we will observe Jesus doing impromptu teaching about money. And Jesus gives us a stern warning about pursuing more just for more’s sake. Because when this happens, it […]

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  • Living Generously – The Objective

    Living Generously – The Objective

    Sermon Notes 1 Chronicles 29:1-14 Back Story King David is passionate about spending a lot of money to build a temple for God (1 Chr. 17:1). The Prophet Nathan initially affirmed his desire (1 Chr. 17:2). Then God spoke new guidance into this situation (1 Chr. 17:3-4, 11-15). Takeaway When there is a deep passion, […]

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