• I Belong to Others Because I Belong to God

    I Belong to Others Because I Belong to God

    Jesus as the savior not only unites us with God but with one another.

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  • No Thanks

    No Thanks

    Sermon Notes Luke 17:11-19 Remember the confusion everyone felt when COVID-19 was becoming well known? Today people know a lot more about the disease. When you remember the panic & confusion all of us felt not too long ago, you’ll have a bit of an idea of what it was like to have Leprosy in […]

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  • Make Every Effort

    Make Every Effort

    Sermon Notes Main Verses: John 17:20-23, Ephesians 4:1-6 Introduction: We all possess different motivations driving our decisions to come to church for the first time. For some, it’s to learn more about the Bible. For others, it is to make a public statement about their belief in God. And still for others, like church, because […]

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  • We Have Hope

    We Have Hope

    Sermon Notes Psalm 46 Introduction Most of us remember where we were when the two planes struck the Twin Towers. Today we will allow the Scriptures to guide us through these memories as we reflect on the horrors and promises of 9/11. Key Thought:  Often, the Psalm writers provide guidance on how to handle extreme […]

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  • 5. Why does doing good works not work when it comes to salvation

    5. Why does doing good works not work when it comes to salvation

    Sermon Notes Main Verse: (Romans 3:21-30) Key Thought: In order for salvation to take root each person needs to come to terms with their inability to save themselves. Paul has made clear that we are guilty under God’s holy standard (Romans 2-3).  But God cannot ignore his own standard of justice and perfection (which would […]

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  • Love Others, Share

    Love Others, Share

    Sermon Notes Key Thought:  The Apostle Paul was a man of prayer and action. After a difficult season, he sensed a call to go to a new region. This move was the beginning point of the first church in Europe. The region God called him to was Macedonia. The city- Philippi. Everything was different here. […]

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  • Our Leadership

    Our Leadership

    Sermon Notes Main QuestionShouldn’t Jesus and the Bible define for us how to do church? Today we will examine how the early Church in the first century arranged the leadership structure of the congregations. We do so by looking at a series of passages where the stewardship of the church organization is discussed. Key Observations […]

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  • Being There For One Another

    Sermon Notes The Tough Reality – Everyone struggles, and every person has at some point felt lonely. Key Concept #1 – We should be eager to help Family needs to work together to help one another when we struggle Fallen members of our church family or regular family should be neither neglected nor rejected; they […]

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  • Motives


    Sermon Notes What difference does God make? Because the difference that God makes makes all the difference in the world. Quick Review of Paul Led a successful campaign in Thessalonica He and Silas were banned from Thessalonica He and Silas are now staying in Berea The two commissioned an untested Timothy to represent them These […]

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