• We Have Hope

    We Have Hope

    Sermon Notes Psalm 46 Introduction Most of us remember where we were when the two planes struck the Twin Towers. Today we will allow the Scriptures to guide us through these memories as we reflect on the horrors and promises of 9/11. Key Thought:  Often, the Psalm writers provide guidance on how to handle extreme […]

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  • Unordinary Generosity

    Unordinary Generosity

    Sermon Notes Main Verses: (1 Peter 2:11, 2 Cor 8:1-9) Key Term: παροικος (paroikos), sojourner – meaning a temporary settler or foreign visitor The Christ-following people have always been a community within a community. The name “sojourner”  given to us by Peter designated us as passing through a land heading to our place of permanent […]

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  • Easter – The Triumphant King

    Easter – The Triumphant King

    Sermon Notes The One True King Easter: The Triumphant King Key Thought: One of the most powerful groups in all of Jerusalem was a family connected to the Temple in Israel. And from 18 to 36 AD, one man sat at the pinnacle of this powerful dynasty; Caiaphas, the High Priest. History tells us that […]

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  • Love Others, Care

    Love Others, Care

    Sermon Notes Key Thought:  We know the second part of the command by heart- love your neighbor as yourself. But when we hear this, some of us quickly dismiss this as non-applicable to us. Or sometimes, we wish to put a limiting qualifier on who we should direct our care and compassion toward. We will […]

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  • Love God, Praise

    Love God, Praise

    Sermon Notes Main Idea: To be the greatest church, we must follow the greatest command from the greatest person. This begins with Loving God And loving God begins with repentance. Repentance flows into worship. Review  Loving God begins with repentance. When we examine Psalm 51 once more we see how repentance sets our heart in […]

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  • Missing The Greatest Gift

    Missing The Greatest Gift

    Sermon Notes Key Thought: We all respond to the Christmas story; the only question is how we respond. The wise men traveled hundreds of miles to worship the Baby King. When Herod asked the religious leaders where the Messiah was to be born, they quoted the correct answer from Micah 5:2. However, while they had […]

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  • His Son

    His Son

    Sermon Notes Key Thought: God sent Him to this world. This giving act was motivated by one central idea – Love. God, identified as Love, did the exact thing that Love requires – giving. Where there is no give, there is no love. Love moved by sacrifice is more valuable than sentimentality and nobler than […]

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  • Healing Without Judgment

    Healing Without Judgment

    Sermon Notes Today’s Heroes – EMT / Doctors / Healthcare ProfessionalsThey bring healing without judgement The Star of Life Origins in Greek mythology Growing evidence that it is tied to an older story from the Old Testament. In the Old Testament, what emotions do humans experience in when they are in God’s presence? Job 40:4-5 […]

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  • Motives


    Sermon Notes What difference does God make? Because the difference that God makes makes all the difference in the world. Quick Review of Paul Led a successful campaign in Thessalonica He and Silas were banned from Thessalonica He and Silas are now staying in Berea The two commissioned an untested Timothy to represent them These […]

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  • Difficult Neighbors

    Difficult Neighbors

    Sermon Notes Neighboring Well – We are asking you to open up your life to other people, so you can look for opportunities to share God’s love. Here is what we know about the island of Crete (where Titus was a pastor): Greek word for liar (“kretizo”) – to be or act like a Cretan […]

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  • Moral Truth

    Moral Truth

    Sermon Notes Neighboring Well – We are asking you to open up your life to other people, so you can look for opportunities to share God’s love. Neighboring is not just something the Bible says. No, neighboring is part of who God is. Let’s Discuss Moral Truth Commanded (not optional) Universal in scope Contrasts with […]

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