• I Belong Even When the World Seems Out of Control

    I Belong Even When the World Seems Out of Control

    Sermon Notes Verses: Isa. 9:2-7 We are very familiar with the historical characters around the manger (the shepherds, the wise men, etc.) But some may not be as familiar with the backstory of Christmas. In this background, one of the most uplifting passages predicting Christ’s arrival came at one of the lowest points in Israel’s […]

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  • Practical Tips

    Practical Tips

    Sermon Notes Main Verse: Col. 4:2-6 Key Thought: Paul has discussed some weighty principles of behavior for the Christ followers inside this church. He now gives some very practical instructions about their behavior both in their internal and external worlds. His two main topics here are how we should speak to God and how we […]

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  • Jesus is Enough

    Jesus is Enough

    Sermon Notes Main Verses: (Col 1:15-23) Key Thought: Previously, Paul mentioned that we, as saints, have been rescued into a kingdom of light. Then, with intense imagery from the Bible, Paul illuminates the King of this Kingdom. When we are shaken by pressures from this world, we must focus on Jesus’ true nature and identity. […]

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  • Identity – You Are a Saint

    Identity – You Are a Saint

    Sermon Notes Colossians 1:1-14 Key Thought: The believers in the church at Colossae were being harassed by those on the outside. Their: Beliefs were challenged Motives were questioned Doctrine was misunderstood This misunderstanding strained relationships and stoked conflict. The congregants were a bit shaken and disheartened. This situation prompted the leader of this church to […]

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  • Unordinary in the Supernatural

    Unordinary in the Supernatural

    Sermon Notes Let’s Talk About Quantum Mechanics Consider the weirdness of Wave/Particle Duality These concepts are: Operating in our current world Hidden from plain sight Often misunderstood But none the less real and powerful. So it is with the Spiritual World Consider: Don’t just dismiss the Spiritual world of angels and demons simply because you […]

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  • Living The Good News

    Living The Good News

    Sermon Notes The Gospel (Good News)God saves sinners through Jesus. The Gospel (The Power of the Good News) What it is What it can do A specific application In today’s message we will examine how does the gospel unfold inside my personal life? The Apostle Paul challenged the Church at Rome to live out the […]

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