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Sermon Notes

Main Verse: (Romans 6:1-14)

Key Thought: Paul has explained how we are justified and that this justification happens apart from any form of righteousness. Yet, this situation does grant a motivation for sinful behavior. No. The payment for our sin (Jesus’ death on the cross) should lead us to consider the cost of our sin payment when we consider that it should inspire us to war against our sinful ways. Not only that, we are somehow united to Jesus in his death and His resurrection. So, our unification with Christ should affect our obedience to Christ.

Main Facts of the Passage:

  1. No, we should not keep on sinning (6:1, 2a)
  2. Why?
    • Ourselves (and our salvation) are united directly to Jesus’ death (vs. 2-4)
    • In the future we will be united with Jesus in the resurrection (v. 5)
  3. So now,
    • By living “with him” (or Christ)

Military/Political Power Words (Romans 6)

  1. “…mastery…” (v.9)
  2. “…reign…” (v.12)
  3. “…instruments (weapons) of wickedness…” (v.13)
  4. “…have dominion…” (v.14)

You need to go to war on sin (Roman 6:9-14)

  • Recognize that death is not the lord- Jesus is
    • So, don’t respond to sin, respond to God
    • Obedience in living as if God is alive, here, and powerful.
  • Don’t let sin set up base camp (a small kingdom)
  • Don’t cooperate or give your resources to the enemy
  • Rebel against its rule (meaning domination) Grace allows you to keep going.
    • The moment you feel sin telling you what to do, remind yourself you are part of God’s kingdom
    • Failure is not fatal. You are under grace
  • Jesus’ Battle-Plan Against Sin (Matthew 26:36-46)
    • Unplug from the world
    • Gather with close friends
    • But then have two-three really close friends
    • Be honest with your emotions
    • Tell God exactly what the temptation is (Jesus is brilliant)
    • Trust in God’s plan


A plan for defeating sinful patterns based upon Matthew 26:36-46:

Discussion Questions


  1. In past sermons we’ve learned justification takes place apart from any personal righteousness. Some assume since our righteousness doesn’t make us right with God this means we have a license to sin. However, Pastor Rusty makes the point that Jesus’ death on the cross for us should lead us to consider our responsibility to live for Him after all He has done for us. Why is living any other way illogical?  
  1. In Romans 6:1-2 we learn that we are not to continue sinning because we have been united directly with Jesus in His death. What does that mean to you? 
  1. In the same verses Pastor Rusty makes the point that we are to “fight against the kingdom of sin” by living with Christ. How can believers practically do that?  
  1. Romans 6:9-14 speaks of us going to war against sin. We do that by recognizing death is not the master of our life, Jesus is. We are to consider ourselves “alive to God in Christ Jesus.” (vs. 11) What difference can understanding that make in each of our daily lives?  
  1. Pastor Rusty reminds us that this passage teaches we aren’t to allow sin to set up base camp in our lives. What practical implications can you and I understanding this practical truth make in our personal lives?  
  1. Pastor Rusty suggests the moment you feel sin telling you what to do, you should remind yourself you are part of God’s kingdom. Why can doing that make a powerful difference in your life?  
  1. All believers need to remember that failure is not fatal because we are under grace. In your own words describe why grace is central to Christ’ message to believers?  


  • In Matthew 26:36-46 Pastor Rusty shares Jesus’ Battle-Plan Against Sin.  
  • Make time today to unplug from the world and connect with God.  
  • Gather with close friends today to honestly share your struggles with one another.  
  • Identify the temptation you are currently facing and ask God for His help.  
  • Intentionally commit to trust God’s plan for your life and ask Him to help you consistently follow Him today and throughout this week.  
  • Make an appointment on your calendar seven days from now to evaluate how well you have done in implementing Jesus’ Battle-Plan Against Sin this week.