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Sermon Notes

Main Verse: (Romans 8:1-10)

Key Thought: Last week we said we need to take the internal war on the inside of us to Jesus. Paul tells us how to live this life free from sin. In the process, he indicates the one telling characteristic of every believer. And that is the presence of the Holy Spirit. The work of God’s Spirit will be in contrast to our immediate flesh. When we listen to our flesh, we become enslaved to its passion. When one obeys its urgings the result is death. But when we open ourselves up to the voice of God’s Spirit- there is so much life and freedom. God’s Spirit animates our life and gives us fresh energy.

Answer: You can sense the movement and activity of God’s Spirit inside of your decision-making process.

Supporting Points:

  1. Review: You will struggle with sin (7:24-25)
  2. Big Concept (8:1-4)
    • You are not condemned (v. 1)
    • You are liberated by the Spirit of Life (v. 2)
    • God did what the Law could not do (v. 3)
    • This was done at the cross (3-4)
  3. The General Idea (8:5-11)
    1. Flesh
      • Death (vs. 5-6)
      • Hostility toward God (v. 7)
      • Not able to please God (v. 8)
      • And you don’t belong to God if you don’t have the presence of the Holy Spirit (v. 9)
    2. Spirit
      • God’s Spirit takes residence inside of you
      • This brings Life (awareness, receptivity) and Peace (not at conflict) 6b
      • Give resurrection life to your mortal body  (8:10-11)
  4. Practical Application (8:12-17 notice the “if” clauses)
    • Don’t live according to the flesh (you don’t owe the flesh anything)
    • Keep putting the deeds of the flesh to death by the Spirit
      • Be led by God’s spirit
    • You are an adopted child (not a slave)

Key Insight:

  • The leadership of God’s Spirit inside of us will guide us in avoiding the influence of flesh’s desire (which is free from the law).
  • Each moment we must make a decision:
    • Am I going to follow God’s Spirit?
    • Am I going to obey my flesh?
  • Bonus (8:14-18)
    • This relationship is affirmed by bearing witness between our spirit and God’s spirit.
    • You also are an heir- joint heir with him


What gets in your flesh box that leads you away from the voice of God’s Spirit?

How can you turn up the voice of the Spirit (and thus kills the flesh)?

Discussion Questions


  1. In last week’s sermon, Pastor Rusty explored the idea that all of us still struggle with sin. However, Romans 8:1 shares the truth that “there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” What does it mean to be “in Christ Jesus?”  
  1. Romans 8:3 makes the point that the law cannot make us right with God because none of us can live up to its standards. How can the fact that Jesus is our “sin offering” help us experience God’s forgiveness?  
  1. Romans 8:7 makes the point that “the mind governed by the flesh is hostile toward God; it does not submit to God’s law, nor can it do so.” Why is it impossible to submit to God’s law through human effort?  
  1. Pastor Rusty emphasizes the ministry of the Spirit in Romans 8:9-11. He makes the point, like Paul, that the Holy Spirit lives in believers. How can the Holy Spirit living in us make a difference in our lives?  
  1. Romans 8:10-11 assures us that the Spirit who raised Jesus from the grave is living inside us and can also give life to our mortal bodies. In practical terms, what difference does this make?  
  1. Why does Paul make the point in the first part of Romans 8:13 that if we live according to the flesh, we will die?  
  1. At the end of verse 13, Paul writes that if by the Spirit we put to death the misdeeds of the body, we will live. What does it mean to live?  
  1. Romans 8:14-15 says we aren’t God’s slaves but His adopted children instead. What is the difference between enslaved people and sons and daughters?  
  1. Each moment all of us must decide whether we will follow God’s Spirit or our flesh. Do you tend to listen more to God’s Spirit or your flesh? Why? 


  • What gets in your flesh box that leads you away from the voice of God’s Spirit?  
  • How can you turn up the voice of the Spirit (and thus kill the flesh)?  
  • Ask God to help you accurately identify the things which get in your flesh box and lead you away from God’s Spirit.  
  • Ask God to help you better hear the voice of his Spirit.