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Sermon Notes

Church Definition: A movement of people on mission for God with a message of salvation.

1. A generous church is known for crazy prayers

Peter and John Timeline in Acts 4:1-26

  • Seized by captain of the temple guard
  • Unjustly imprisoned overnight
  • Interrogated by officials
  • Threatened by officials
  • Returned to their friends and family

The Jerusalem Church prayed a crazy prayer Acts 4:27-30

Dear God, help us make the message loud and clear. Work through us to bring help and healing to others.

When was the last time you prayed a crazy prayer?

2. Generous churches understand the vastness and power of God’s graceActs 4:32-37

Key Words:

  • “One heart and mind”
  • “they shared”
  • “No needy persons among them”
  • “sold possessions”

D.R.I.V.E.Debt Reduction Increases Vision Expansion

Continue to Pray. Mark your calendar for January 26.

Discussion Questions


Acts 4:27-37


  1. Read Acts 4:27-28. Although both Jews and Gentiles acted against Jesus to bring about his crucifixion, whose will and plan was actually being carried out? Why is this important?
  2. If you were being threatened and treated unfairly, what are some of the first things you would likely pray for? Now read Acts 4:29-30. What did the disciples pray for when they found themselves in that kind of situation? What does this tell us about where our focus should be as believers?
  3. Read Matthew 19:26, John 15:7-8, James 4:1-3 and 1 John 5:14-15. The disciples clearly weren’t afraid to pray big, bold prayers. What principles can we learn from these passages to help us do the same?
  4. Read Psalm 24:1 and Psalm 50:10-12. According to these verses, who is the owner of all that we have and are? Now read Acts 4:32-34. The generous lifestyle of the early believers conspicuously demonstrated the understanding that they were merely stewards (managers) – not owners – of everything God had given them. On a scale of 1 to 10, how well would you say you managed the resources God entrusted to you last year? What, if any, changes do you think you could make to become a better steward this year?
  5. Read 2 Corinthians 9:8-13. What is God’s purpose for blessing us? What is the end result when we live this out?


  • Spend some time today reflecting on the amazing goodness and greatness of God, then pray some crazy, bold prayers that line up with that image of Him.
  • Take a few moments to thank God for all the ways He has blessed you. Then ask Him how He would like you to use those blessings to be a blessing to others this year.