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Sermon #5 A Meditating Heart

Main Verse: Psalm 1

Meditation focuses the mind on orbiting around a single idea. Exploring the contours and details of a mental concept until the meditator is fully familiarized with various aspects. Meditation suspends a final judgment until all facets of an idea can be pondered. This takes sustained focus. Unfortunately, modern, digital life does little to help us increase sustained focus. Several studies indicate that our attention span is getting shorter. But once we realize the benefits of meditation, we will be more likely to pursue this discipline. One of the many benefits will be better decisions with fewer regrets.

Clear Concept:

When I’m not paying attention, new dangers can cross my path, and I crash into my biggest regret.

Key Question:

Have you ever made a rash decision and regretted it later?

Have you ever just gone with the flow and then regretted it later?


  • It helps slow life down (Psalm 4:4-6, 3:6, 119:148)
  • It helps me focus on what is truly important (Joshua 1:8)


If you want to know about God, then study the Bible

If you want to know God, obey the God of the Bible

If you want to move from knowing about God to obeying God, then meditate.

Psalms is Israel’s book of prayer. This important work that was at the center of a nation’s worship begins not with a typical Psalm- but with a word of warning about going with the flow. And the one keyway to disrupt the cultural tide pushing against us is through the power of meditation.

  1. Be forewarned about a growing alignment with evil influences (Psalm 1:1, Prov. 13:20).
    • Walking in step with the wicked (convicted criminal)
    • Standing in the way of sinners (morally wrong)Sits in the seat of scoffers (mocks, pokes fun at, scoffs)
    • The people who fill your head will shape your heart. And the people who shape your heart will influence your destiny.

What voices are in your path?

2. Growing Influences that can short-circuit our walk with God

The glorification of political ideologies

The glorification of science as the only source of truth

Enjoy the Scriptures by meditating on them (1:2).

  • Meditating on the Scriptures follows studying the Scriptures.

  • You cannot meditate on that which you have not first studied

  • Mediation assumes you have reached some definite conclusions about the teachings of scripture

3. Here are the results (1:3)

You have access to an internal source of sustenance

You will have results in the appropriate time

You will have a sustainable approach to life


Answer who is influencing you right now.

Are they leading toward a blessed life?

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