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Sermon #2

Main Verses: Luke 11:1-4, (also Luke 5:15-16, 6:12, 9:18, 9:28-36)

Jesus’ life was centered around his prayer life. His entire ministry was geared around moments in prayer with the Father, and then moments of fulfilling the Father’s will. And when we examine Jesus’ prayer rhythm we must admit that most of us have much room for growth. Today we will examine some reasons why we don’t spend time praying and then explore how Jesus inspired his disciples to live lives full of prayer. Perhaps this will challenge you to invest more in the precious resource available to all of God’s children.


What words would you use to describe your prayer life right now?

Why We Should Pray

God’s Immutability

Prayer tethers our topsy-turvy, shape-shifting world to the unchanging reality of God.

Interrupters to Prayer

  • Our Cell phones (the small moments of time we used to have are now being gobbled up by this digital monster)
  • Our Money (Its more challenging to see our need for God when we have wealth)
  • Secularism (The scientific worldview is in the air we breathe)

Jesus’ pattern of prayer made an impression on his disciples. They were so moved by this focused discipline that they felt compelled to ask, “Jesus- teach us to pray.” Jesus didn’t hesitate. And from this conversation, we have a template for the prayers of all Jesus’ followers ever since. 

A Guide to Praying:

  1. Jesus starts with the notion that God is our Father.
    • Jesus doesn’t start with our wishes, wants, or needs
    • Jesus starts with his relationship with the FatherWe too, are in a relationship with the Father and Jesus and others
    • Jesus wants us to primarily view God as a Dad more than:
      • A Cosmic Cop
      • A Busy CEO
      • A Force
      • What you think of when you think of God will dictate you committed you are to prayer
  2. God is in Heaven (which is closer than you think)
    • Heavens (οὐρανός) means the air, sky, and stars.
    • God’s presence is often associated with the sky and clouds
      • Psalm 97:2, Job 26:9, Nahum 1:3, Ezk 1:28
      • Acts 17:27-28
    • God is closer than you think.
  3. Hallowed be your name.
    • Hallowed means holy, set apart, and unique. The word also connotes beautiful in a special kind of way, not ordinary.
    • But what is holy is God’s name- a direct reference to God’s holy authority
    • God is Dad, but he is also in charge.
  4. Pause: Here is what we have so far
    • God is my Dad, he is close by, and he has a special place in this universe.
  5. Our requests:
    • Daily bread:
      • Indicate a continual reliance on God’s resources
      • Trust God for what lies ahead.
    • Forgiveness
      • Since we are in a Dad/Child relationship, I must recognize how my actions disrupt this relationship.
    • And help us to avoid the temptation
      • We are to turn to our Dad at the very moment of temptation
      • Feeling the urge to disobey God is the right moment to turn to God
      • God understands what it is like to feel the impulse of sin.


Commit to memory this prayer

Use it as a model in your prayer time

Ask for forgiveness

Reach out to God the next time you are tempted to sin

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