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Sermon Notes

God will often begin his mighty work through a praying woman.

Hannah (A Soul in Unrest)

  • Her name meant grace but she felt distance from God’s favor
  • She was a part of a family but felt alone and ostracized
  • She had wealth but lacked the one thing she desired most

God works through two things:

  • Your honest prayers from an honest faith
  • Your perseverance even when your family life is messy

Hannah’s Messy Family

  • One husband and two wives – 1 Samuel 1:2
  • Favoritism – 1 Samuel 1:4, 5
  • Rivalry between the two spouses – 1 Samuel 1:6
  • A very misdirected and misunderstanding husband – 1 Samuel 1:8
  • An annual trip that highlighted all this dysfunction – 1 Samuel 1:7

Don’t let the day-to-day messes, mishaps, mistakes lead to you miss the bigger messages that God is teaching you

The one thing that Hannah desperately wanted was also the one thing she freely surrendered

Even the gift God gives ultimately belongs to him

Moms, you need to get rid of the burden of being God for your child and instead give to God your child

For the rest of us non-moms:

  • Let’s grant moms some peace – 1 Samuel 1:17
  • Let’s support her wishes – 1 Samuel 1:21-23