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Sermon 6:

Main Verse: Psalm 142

Before David assumed the official position as King of Israel, he was attacked by King Saul. Saul was extremely jealous of David’s talents and popularity. So much in fact that he tried to take David’s life. David’s response to this stress is surprising- he worshiped God. But not in the way that we commonly think. He wrote out his thoughts in a Psalm that charts how to respond when we feel attacked unfairly. Following this guidance will help guard our hearts from fear and worry.


Remember a time when you felt attacked? How did you respond?

While the definitions of cyberbullying vary from source to source, most definitions consist of the following:

  • Electronic forms of contact:
  • an aggressive act
  • intent
  • repetition
  • harm to the target

Rates of Incidence

Rates of cyberbullying victimization range from 5% to 74% (Hamm, Newton, & Chisholm, 2015).

15.5% of high school students and 24% of middle school students were cyberbullied in 2015 (Center for Disease Control, 2015 ).

The percentage of individuals who have experienced cyberbullying at some point in their lifetimes have nearly doubled (18% to 34%) from 2007-2016 (Patchin & Hinduja, 2016 ).

Boys are more likely to be cyberbully perpetrators, and girls are more likely to be cyberbully targets (Hamm, Newton, & Chisholm, 2015 ).

When we feel attacked, we tend to:

  • Retaliate
  • Aggravate
  • Hibernate
  • Or – Over Medicate
  • God wants us to concentrate (on Him!)

1.   You can come to God no matter what kind of jam you find yourself in (and you can get specific) (Psalm 142:1-4, 6, 7).

  • “ I cry aloud to the LORD…” (1)
    • Be fully honest with your emotions before God
  • “I pour out before him my complaint…” (2a)
    • Be completely transparent before God
  • “Before him I tell my trouble…”(2b)
    • Be completely alone in front of God


It is not necessary for you to be completely perfect in order for you to be completely honest with God (Consider David’s actions in 1 Samuel 20:12-15).

David’s Complaints

  • “When my spirit grows faint within me…” (3a)
    • I’m exhausted
  • “People have hidden snares for me…” (3c)
    • I’m being attacked
  • “no one is concerned for me…” (4b)
    • I’m all alone
  • “I have no refuge…” (4c)
    • I don’t know what to do next

2. God and God alone will provide the safety that I need. (5)

  • God will take you to places that mean the very end of your strength.
  • God does this, so you will depend upon him.

3. Worship prevents us from charging in to do things our way (142:6-7, Samuel 24:16-22)

  • This act of worship and dependence upon God set David up to receive a rich blessing.
  • This act of worship and communication from God actually put David in the position to receive what he really wanted- to be king.

And this verse proved to be true. God is enough. (1 Samuel 24:16-22)


  • You must be Honest with God
  • You must be dependent upon God.
  • Both of these help you practice the presence of God

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