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Sermon Notes

Matthew’s Themes:

  • Jesus is the King
  • We are part of Jesus’ new kingdom
  • Jesus teaches us how to live in this kingdom

Matthew is writing for people who are

  • Geographically removed from Jesus
  • Chronologically removed from Jesus
  • Interested in the life of Jesus

Jesus does two things for his followers: He calms their fears. Then He sends them out into fearful situations.

Jesus Calms Fears (Matthew 8-9)

  • Heals a person with leprosy – Fear of being alone
  • Heals a Centurion’s servant – Fear of suffering
  • Cast out demons – Fear of spiritual oppression
  • Calms the storm – Fear of a natural disaster
  • Forgives and heals a person paralyzed – Fear of being destitute
  • Brings a dead girl back to life – Fear of loosing a loved one

Stop and Ponder: What fear do you have that you believe Jesus cannot handle?

Jesus and His Disciples
• Jesus demonstrates for his disciples – Matthew 9:35-36
• Jesus call his disciples to prayer – Matthew 9:37-38
• Jesus sends them out to the people – Matthew 10:1-8

1. Submission to Jesus’ authority gives you authorityMatthew 10:1, Proverbs 28:1

Fearing Jesus helps me overcome every other fear.
The more we believe in the strength and sovereignty of Jesus, the less vulnerable we should be to modern day fear tactics.

2. The real test of obedience to Jesus begins “out there”Matthew 10:5-8

Don’t fall in love with inside Christianity. The heart-pounding adventure of Jesus’ call is almost always on the outside of the church building.

Jesus’ Model Sets a Pattern for the Church

  • We train on the inside – Matthew 8-9
  • We proclaim on the outside – Matthew 10:6-8

3. Then Jesus predicts the challenging realities for his followersMatthew 10:16-22

Jesus’ warning:

  • Hostile Environment
  • Watched carefully
  • Flogged
  • Detained
  • Arrested
  • Hated

Key Point: The disciples previous experience, training and prayer with Jesus equipped them for future the trials of serving Jesus.

Two Key Questions:
How much time are you spending with Jesus?
How are you proclaiming the message out there?

Open up your calendar and mark off some specific time with Jesus.
Take a walk in your community and connect with a neighbor.

Help! I don’t know what to do.

  • Observe Jesus’ interaction with people
  • Make notes about what you read
  • Pray to the Father for help in following Jesus
  • Go “out there”

Discussion Questions


  1. Jesus calms his follower’s fears. What fears are you currently experiencing that you need Jesus to help you overcome?
  2. After Jesus calms our fears he often sends us out into fearful situations. What “fearful situations” has God helped you face?
  3. Matthew 8-9 tells several stories of Jesus helping and healing people. He helped deliver them from: 1) the fear of being alone, 2) the fear of suffering, 3) a fear of spiritual oppression, 4) the fear of natural disaster, 5) a fear of being left destitute, and finally, 6) the fear of losing a loved one. What fear do you struggle to believe Jesus can help you overcome?
  4. Matthew 9:36 reveals that Jesus had compassion on those around him “because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.” Are there areas in your life where you currently feel harassed and helpless? How can Jesus’ compassion enable you to better face your challenges?
  5. Pastor Rusty makes the point that: 1) “submitting to Jesus’ authority gives us authority” (Matthew 10:1 and Proverbs 28:1) and 2) that “fearing Jesus helps us overcome every other fear.” Why are submitting to Jesus and fearing him foundational secrets if we are going to experience spiritual boldness?
  6. What lessons have you learned that God might use to bless others?


  • If you aren’t already spending time with Jesus each week, stop right now and put time with Jesus on your calendar.
  • The general pattern of spiritual service is that we train inside the church, then serve outside the building. Make a list of the things God has been teaching you recently that you need to put practice outside the church building.
  • Plan now for some practical ways to practice the things God has been teaching you in your neighborhood, in your family or at work. Make plans for when you’re going to do this and put it on your calendar right now.
  • Thank God for what he is teaching you. Ask him to help you use what you are learning to bless others this week.