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Sermon Notes

1 Peter 3:15

A Scripture to remember:

  • Keep Christ in Christmas (start with your own heart)
  • Be prepared
  • Share hope

A few steps to take:

  • Pray for those in your life who are far from God.
  • Daily demonstrate God’s love.
  • Constantly communicate the Gospel message.

Discussion Questions


  1. Pastor Jeff asks us how we can go from giving thanks to wanting to get more things in a single day. Why do most of us find that transition so easy?  
  1. In today’s text, the Apostle Peter commands, “But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord.” What does it mean to revere Christ as Lord?  
  1. Keeping Christ in Christmas starts with our hearts. Why do you think Pastor Jeff made that statement?  
  1. The second statement in today’s text reminds us that we are to be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks. How prepared are you to engage in Gospel conversations?  
  1. Pastor Jeff reminds us that we are to give the reason for the hope we have. He says our goal isn’t to argue with someone but to see them embrace the forgiveness only Christ offers. If you’re a believer, reflect on your salvation experience when your own sins were forgiven.  
  1. We are called to be witnesses, not prosecuting attorneys, according to Pastor Jeff. He makes the point that we are to offer hope, not condemnation. Why does condemning others so rarely ever work in winning them to Christ?  
  1. Pastor Jeff says, “We testify… God convicts?” Why is this important to understand as we share the hope of the Gospel? 
  1. Consider these three steps Pastor Jeff suggests we take in fulfilling Peter’s instructions: 1) Pray for those in your life who are far from God. 2) Daily demonstrate God’s love. 3) Constantly communicate the Gospel message. Which of these comes most easily for you? Which is most difficult? Who might God want you to share with this Christmas season? 


  • Here are two ways you can give Jesus this Christmas:  
  • Give Jesus locally— share a Christmas @ Concord invite card with someone.  
  • Give Jesus globally— share with the IMB/ Lottie Moon Christmas offering.  
  • Ask God how He wants you to participate in giving Jesus this Christmas.  
  • Ask God to help you know who to share a Christmas @ Concord card with this year.