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Sermon Notes

Main Idea

God is for us. We can forget that when finding ourselves under God’s discipline. The theme passage for our VBS this year is found in Jeremiah 29. Here the prophet has an important reminder of hope for the people of God. And they needed this reminder because they were in a “time-out” of sorts with God. God was disciplining the entire nation because they ignored God’s commands. And yet, even when they are being disciplined, God tells them He has a plan for them.

Engagement Question:

Have you ever been in time out? Or disciplined by your parents?

Theme Verse for VBS is Jeremiah 29:11-13.


  1. Written during a time of Israel’s rebellion against God.
  2. Foretells of invasion, destruction, and exile.
  3. But even in exile, God communicates hope.

God knows your future (Jeremiah 29:10-11)

  1. Because God knows my future, I can trust Him with:
    • My past
    • My pain
    • My plans
  2. God allows you to find Him (Jeremiah 29:12-14)
    • Seek God with your heart
    • When you do, God restores
  3. God can be found today (See Acts 17:26-28)

Discussion Questions


  1. Sometimes we forget God is for us when He must correct us. Have you ever experienced a time when God had to discipline you? If so, how did you respond to God’s correction?
  2. In what area of your life are you most prone to reject God’s will for your life?
  3. Jeremiah 19:10-14 reminds us that even when God must correct us, He does not give up on His plans for us. What does this fact teach us about God?
  4. How can God’s discipline demonstrate His love for us?
  5. Do we generally feel loved when God has us in a “time-out” of sorts?
  6. Pastor Rusty points out that even when His people were in exile, He still communicated His hope for them. How can that fact encourage us to have hope even when it appears our situation is hopeless?
  7. Since God knows our future, we can trust Him with our past, our pain, and our plans for the future. Is it most difficult for you to trust God with your past, your pain, or your plans for the future? Why?
  8. Pastor Rusty reminds us that when we seek God with our hearts, He is eager to restore us. In what area of your life do you most need God’s restoration at this moment in your life?


  • Acts 17:27 makes the point that God has prepared a way for us to find Him and then takes that even another step when He encourages us to seek Him by saying, “He is not far from each one of us.” Where have you witnessed God seeking you?
  • Jeremiah 29:12-14 teaches us that God wants us to find Him. If you have recently seen God seeking you, what keeps you from accepting the love of the One who is still searching for you?
  • Take a moment to thank God that He has never stopped seeking you.
  • If you have never accepted Christ but want to find out more. Please reach out to our prayer team during the message at live.concordchurch.com or email Pastor Rusty directly at [email protected]