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Luke 17:11-19

Sermon Notes

Key Thought

Gratitude is a universal human emotion. When we make it through a challenging semester or a trying work project, we feel an urge to pause and express thankfulness. But sometimes this is short-circuited by they business of life- and sometimes this is a result of our own selfishness. But whatever the cause, failing to show this gratitude can ding up our relationships, resulting in others feeling hurt and taken for granted. Today we will see that we are called not to just count our blessings from others. But to be counted on to proclaim our gratitude for our blessings. For gratitude is not gratitude until it is spoken to the other person.

  1. The Bible is full of thanksgiving
    • Examples are linked below
    • All of this was before Advil, Hot Water heaters and caffeine.
    • This was more than just enjoying a feeling on the inside.
  2. Jesus expects gratitude (Luke 17:11-13)
    • Those with Leprosy had several challenges:
      • Leprosy was a skin disease where the victim could loose the sensation of physical pain
      • People were often injured due to physical labor
      • Existed between a state of life and death
      • Separated from the community by several factors
      • Lepore colonies sprang up out the outskirts of villages
      • Here, Jews and Samaritans found common ground
    • Jesus has compassion and performs a miracle (17:14)
    • Then Jesus questions where are the nine. (17:15-19)
  3. Let’s apply this verse


  • Identify one person that has added value to you or your life.
  • Develop your message of gratitude
  • Deliver it to that person, in person, if possible.