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John 4:46-54


Most of us have had moments when something very precious to us was slipping away. This is especially true when it comes to relationships (family or otherwise) where we have poured a massive amount of time and emotional energy into. An untimely death, a sick friend or surprised layoff can layer thick grief on our heart.  Today, we will see Jesus stepping into such a situation. A father, who has tremendous power, is now powerless to help his little boy. And even though this person has some shady connections in the political world, Jesus shows compassion. Jesus’ willingness to help someone who is aligned with a wicked king shows how he is able to look past a political platform and see someone’s personal pain.


Name a group of people that is hard for you to value and appreciate.

Stereotypes did not guide Jesus’ interaction with people.

The same guy who:

Also had John the Baptist (Jesus’ cousin) arrested and then beheaded

Jesus doesn’t lump people together according to social structure, stereotypes, or classifications. He treats everyone as a unique, thinking individual.

Key Question:

What stereotypes or prejudices keep you from seeing the real person in front of you?

Faith begins with an open mind – and sometimes God uses pain as a catalyst (4:46-53)

He makes the connection (4:53)

This man not only believed but led his household to do the same (53b)

The next generation is impacted by a father’s faith


What are some ways you lump people together into broad categories and then make decisions about them because of this?

Do you have pain in your life? Could God be using this to lead you to him?

Discussion Questions