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Sermon Notes

Key Thought:

God sent Him to this world. This giving act was motivated by one central idea – Love. God, identified as Love, did the exact thing that Love requires – giving. Where there is no give, there is no love. Love moved by sacrifice is more valuable than sentimentality and nobler than fleeting passion. This Love is founded on generosity toward another. The Love of God is demonstrated by choosing humanity to receive his affection and care. This care was none other than His son, Jesus himself.

God has provided the very best gift – His Son.

Here is how we unpack this beautiful gift (John 3:16-17)

  • God Loved
  • God Gave
  • We believe (and are not condemned)
  • We receive


Have you received God’s Love? You can do so today

Have you shared God’s Love? You can share with someone this Christmas.

John 3:16-18

Discussion Questions


  1. Pastor Rusty shares this week how God sent His Son to our world. What does that mean to you this Christmas?
  2. We learn in today’s message that the gift of God’s Son was motivated by God’s love for the world. How does God sending His Son communicate God’s love so powerfully?
  3. Pastor Rusty says, “Where there is no giving, there is no love.” God’s gift of Jesus to the world perfectly pictures the intersection of God’s generosity and love. Reflect for on how different our relationship with God would be if He had not sent Jesus to willingly die for us.
  4. We are often focused on our gifts, both those we give and those we receive, but sometimes in the rush of the holiday giving and receiving we miss the point of the “greatest gift.” What does the gift of Jesus mean to you?
  5. Pastor Rusty observes that when we receive this greatest gift we believe and are not condemned. Reflect on God’s sacrificial love for you.
  6. Consider what you have received as a result of God sending His Son as our greatest gift ever.


  • Have you received the gift of God’s love? If not, please pause to accept Jesus’ death for you and ask Him into your heart right now.
  • Take a few moments to thank God for His incredible love for you and for sending His Son Jesus to earth for us.
  • Thank God for the fact that through Christ we are no longer condemned for our sin.
  • Who are you going to share God’s love with this Christmas? List three people. Make plans now for how and when you will do this.
  • Set aside a few minutes each day this week to reflect on God’s greatest gift and ask Him to help you demonstrate His love to and for others each day this week.
  • Come up with two or three practical ways you will celebrate God’s generous love with your family this Christmas.