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Sermon Notes

What are some mental pictures that come to mind when you hear the word kingdom?

Matthew is writing for people who are:

• Geographically removed from Jesus
• Chronologically removed from Jesus
• Interested in the life of Jesus

First Century Messianic Hopes

• Rise up a military to defeat all enemies
• Set up a political kingdom in Jerusalem
• Enshrine the messiah as a national king
• Enforce this global rule from this new formed political state

But Jesus did not do any of this. He reminded his followers how his kingdom was different – Matthew 4:12-17, 20:20-28

Matthew’s Themes
• Jesus is the King – Jesus’ heritage is connected to King David
• We are part of Jesus’ new kingdom – Jesus mentions the Kingdom 32 times
• Jesus teaches us how to live in this kingdom – Jesus taught, and the lived out the Kingdom

Matthew 4:12-21 – “μετανοειτε ηγγικεν γαρ η βασιλεια των ουρανων”

Big Takeaways

  1. Let’s begin this journey into Jesus’ kingdom
  2. Let’s remind ourselves this is not a social, judicial, or national Kingdom
  3. Let’s learn from our King

Application: Read Matthew 1, this week.

Discussion Questions


Matthew 4:12-22, 20:20-28


  1. Although most of us have never lived anywhere that was ruled by a king, kings and kingdoms were common in the ancient world and still are in some places today. Do you tend to think of kings and kingdoms in a positive way or in a negative way? Why?
  2. Read Matthew 20:20-21, Luke 19:11, John 6:14-15 and Acts 1:6. What do these passages tell us about the kind of king the Jewish people were looking for when Jesus came onto the scene? Which of these, if any, can you relate to?
  3. Read John 18:36, Luke 17:20-21 and Matthew 20:25-27. According to these passages, what are some of the differences between the kingdom of God and other kingdoms?
  4. Read 1 Samuel 8:10-18. According to this passage, what was it like to live under the rulership of a natural king? Now compare that with the rulership of Jesus as described in these passages: Jeremiah 31:3, John 1:9-13, John 14:23, Matthew 4:18-22 and  Matthew 20:28.
  5. A king can be defined as the chief authority or ruler over a people, one who is above and beyond all others. How do you feel about Jesus being your King? Do you have objections to being “ruled” by Him? Why or why not?


  • What aspects of the kingdom of God are most appealing to you? What things do you have questions about? Take a few moments right now to ask God to give you fresh insight into His kingdom as we study the book of Matthew over the next few weeks.
  • Do you consider Jesus to be your King? Is He really your chief authority and the one you regard above and beyond all others? If not, what is one step you could take this week to change that?