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Sermon Notes

Matthew’s Themes

  • Jesus is the King
  • We are part of Jesus’ new kingdom
  • Jesus teaches us how to live in this kingdom

Review from Last Week

Part #1 – Walk through the Matthew 7:7-8. Write down your answer to the following questions:

  1. What is your petition? What is the thing you are asking from God)?
  2. Where are you looking for God’s response? Where in the real world are you seeking God’s activity?
  3. What opportunities are in front of you? How is God working in your world right now?

If it is true that God can provide for me (see above), then that fact should deeply affect the way I treat other people.

Modern Day Perversions of the Golden Rule

  • Do unto others before others do unto you
  • Do unto others so as to prevent them from doing anything to you
  • Do unto others as your mood would have it
  • Do unto others as a way of looking good in the public eye
  • Do unto others so as to get them off your back
  • Do unto others as your culture norms dictates
  • Do unto others before your wife finds out

Various Philosophical Versions of the Golden Rule

  • Wooden Rule (or Iron Rule) – Do unto others what they do to you
  • Silver Rule – Don’t do to others what you would not have them do to you
  • Golden Rule – Do to others what you would have them do to you

Disciple, (μαθητής) – learner, pupil, an apprentice under someone else.
Disciples learn from: What their teacher teaches and what their teacher does
Matthew 7:7-12
Transition Word: So, (οὖν)- meaning therefore or consequently, as a result

Key Point – If it is true God will give you good gifts when you maintain an open, on-going, dialogical relationship with Him, then you are free to treat others in a way that you want to be treated.

Jesus’ word choice shows how broad sweeping this command is:
Other (ἄλλος) – one of the same kind (not used)
Others (ἄνθρωπος) – human beings, humanity (used)

Here is how you want to be treated (even by your enemies): to be heard and understood by other human beings

This Golden Rule Brings Stability in Community

  1. Students of Jesus cultivate a healthy dependence upon God’s resources by fostering a dynamic relationship.
  2. Students of Jesus are morally equipped to serve the good of the community.

Summary – I can care for others because I know God will care for me.


  • What’s your “do”?
  • Where’s your “who“?

Discussion Questions


  1. We know that God can provide for us, and that reality should deeply affect the way
    we treat others. Nearly everyone agrees the Golden Rule is a good idea, however,
    that doesn’t make living by it easy. Why do we find it such a challenge to live by this
  2. Pastor Rusty mentions both the Silver Rule and the Golden Rule. The Silver Rule is
    — “Don’t do to others what you would not have them do to you.” And the Golden
    Rule says— “Do to others what you would have them do to you.” Both are similar,
    but what is the practical difference between the two?
  3. How does Jesus’ life illustrate the Golden Rule?
  4. Verse 12 begins with the word “so” which means that since God gives us good gifts,
    our lives are to be characterized by doing to others what we want them to do to us.
    Why is our relationship with God essential to obeying the Golden Rule?
  5. Pastor Rusty makes the point that there are 2 Greek words which can be used for
    our English word “others.” One means “others of the same kind” the second means,
    “other human beings.” The Greek word used in verse 12 is the second. In other
    words, we are to treat everyone this way, not merely those who are like us. Why is it
    so hard to treat others who are not like us this way?
  6. How do you think the Golden Rule can be said to sum up the Old Testament?


  • Since we are Jesus’ disciples (his students) make a list of at least 3 ways your life should be changing if you are going to better obey the Golden Rule?
  • Write down the names of at least 5 people whom you are going to make an effort to treat differently because of Jesus’ challenge.
  • Jot down 2 specific ways you plan to do this beside each name you just listed.
  • Stop right now and ask God to help you begin treating these 5 people in a new way and ask him to help you in both specific ways you committed to treat them differently in the future.