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Sermon Notes

Let’s Review and then Commit!

Main Idea of the Series: To be the greatest church, we must follow the greatest commandment from the greatest person.

Part 1 of the Command, Love Go


–Jesus’ ministry began with repentance (Mark 1:15)

–The church’s ministry began with repentance. (Acts 2:38)

–The developed church was challenged to repent (Revelation2:1-7)

Praise (Psalm 150)

–Worshiping God is a command (1)

–Worshiping God happens best in a community (1)

–Worshiping God is a recognition of his work on your behalf (2)

Part 2 of the Command, Love your Neighbor

Care for your neighbor (Luke 10:25-37)

–This immense distance between these groups does not negate God’s command for these groups.

–Share with your neighbor (Acts 16:11-13)

–New places require new strategies

See Your Commitment Card

Discussion Questions


  1. Pastor Rusty has said in each sermon in this series, “To be the greatest church, we must follow the greatest commandment from the greatest person.” What does that statement mean and how will understanding it help you more passionately follow God?
  2. Jesus’ ministry began with repentance and the church’s ministry began with repentance as well. Pastor Rusty noted repentance is personal honesty. Why is this so central when it comes to us relating to God. What does mean in your spiritual life?
  3. In this series we’ve learned worshipping God is a command best done in a community of believers. Until we’re personally honest, we aren’t ready to worship. How are your honest repentance and passionate worship as you connect with God?
  4. Pastor Rusty has been challenging us to care for our neighbors. Why is loving our neighbor central to God’s call on our lives if we are going to show His love to those who don’t yet know Him?
  5. This series has challenged us to understand that “new places require new strategies.” Consider for a moment how do all the things we have been studying help us get to the place where God can use us to personally further His kingdom in our own communities?
  6. How does leaving out any one of these prevent us from being fully where God wants us to be and from doing all He wants us to do for His kingdom?


Agree to:

  • Regularly seek repentance from God        
  • Passionately worship God
  • Pick up a Neighboring Toolkit                   
  • Have my family visit the mission center     
  • Make plans for a mission activity
  • Download One Step Closer App
  • Start giving to Concord                             
  • Increase my giving to increase our reach
  • Assist with Concord’s Community Online Ministry
  • Ask God to help you follow through on each of the areas you checked.