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Sermon Notes

Main Idea:

To be the greatest church, we must follow the greatest command from the greatest person.

This begins with Loving God

And loving God begins with repentance.

Repentance flows into worship.


Loving God begins with repentance. When we examine Psalm 51 once more we see how repentance sets our heart in the proper position for worship (vs. 18-19). What this indicates to us is that Spirit-filled, God-sanctioned worship is more than:

  • Catchy tunes
  • Astounding talent
  • Or a favorite genre of Music

But rather, worship God delights is rooted in:

  • Being saved from God’s wrath (bloodguilt), v. 14
  • God’s righteousness and praiseworthiness, vs. 14-15
  • The worshipper’s contrite heart, v.  16-17

Think About:

  • Worship is more than a style of music- it is the position of our heart before our fiercely power God.
  • How do we begin to worship God? With Repentance.
  • True repentance of sin will only intensify our worship.
  • Worship will become passionate when our repentance is completed: Psalm 51:18-19

Explaining the Text (Psalm 150):

  1. Worshiping God is a command. We worship because of who He is (v. 1).
    • This Psalm begins and ends with this command
    • To view worship as a divine command moves it from the philosophy of feelings into the theology of Scripture.
  2. Worshiping God happens best in a community (vs. 1)
    • Gathered (in Holy Places)
      • Psalm 5:7, 11:4, 48:9, 138:2 (toward…)
    • Scattered (in Natural Places)
  3. Worshiping God is a recognition of his work on your behalf (2) (We worship because of what he has done) (v.2)
  4. Worshipping God leverages every creative outlet (vs. 3-5)


Set aside sometime this week for one purpose- to Worship God. 

  • Choose a time
  • Choose a place
  • Choose a method/context
    • With Music
    • Journaling
    • In Nature
Psalm 150

Discussion Questions


  1. Pastor Rusty pointed out last week that the worship which most delights God is rooted in the following: 1) the realization that we are saved from God’s wrath, 2) reflecting on God’s righteous and praiseworthiness, and 3) our contrite heart. Which of these three do you find most motivates you to worship God?
  2. The key to the worship which delights God is not the style of our worship music, but the position of our heart according to Pastor Rusty. Why do you think we tend to focus on a style of worship rather than the position of our hearts before God?
  3. We worship God because it is commanded at both the beginning and end of Psalm 150. Why do you think God commands us to worship Him, not once, but twice?
  4. In verse 1 the psalm makes the point that we worship God because of who He is. What about God most amazes you?
  5. Pastor Rusty makes the point that worshipping God takes place best in a community. In Concord’s worship services what most helps you worship God?
  6. Psalm 150:2 makes the point that we worship God for his work on our behalf and also because of what he has done. Make a list of some ways God has worked on your behalf? Make a list of the things God has done for you which most move you to worship him?
  7. Pastor Rusty observes that worshipping God leverages our creativity. How do you personally creatively worship God?


  • Set aside time to worship God this week based upon your answers to question 6. Take each thing from both lists you made in that question and express your gratitude to God for his incredible goodness to you and to others.
  • Choose a place to worship God this week. Your place for worship could either be in nature, or merely a quiet place where you can set aside life’s concerns and center your focus on God.
  • Chose a creative way to worship God this week, either through: 1) journaling, writing down how good God has been to you, 2) experiencing nature which has been created by God, if you do this, please focus on God’s greatness in the midst of nature’s grandeur, 3) write a poem or a song which expresses your worship and gratitude to our great God.