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Sermon Notes:

Main Idea:​​​​​​​​​​​​
We all blow it sometimes. Sometimes we make a bad, last minute decision. Other times, we dive head first into rebellion with no misunderstandings about our disobedience. But how do we recover? Is there a way to be healed from the real pain and brokenness that has been caused? Yes, there is, and the path forward can not only provide healing from our past mistakes, but also a way to become victorious over our sin.

Just a Friendly Reminder​​​​​​​​​​:
Big Goals:

  1. To increase our prayerfulness as a church
  2. To initiate new folks to start praying
  3. To give a spiritually healthy expression of our very real and heavy emotions.

1. The writer describes what the blessed life is like – Psalms 32:1-2

  • They realize they have failed
  • They also realized they have forgiveness

Key Points:

  • God’s infinite knowledge- Means He is fully aware of your sin
  • God’s infinite power- Means He is fully capable to cancel your sin
  • God’s infinite grace- Means He is fully willing to forgive your sin

2. Forgiveness (and entrance into the blessed life) happens when we confess our sins – Psalms 32:3-11

  • Guilt is a heavy burden to carry
  • Confession brings forgiveness
  • Forgiveness restores the relationship
  • From the relationship flows instruction
  • Which is better than brute action

3. Pursuing confession leads to rejoicing – Psalms 32:11


  • Write down your sin as an act of confession of God
  • Receive His forgiveness based upon the word of God
  • Prepare your heart for God’s instructions.