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Sermon Notes

Main Idea:
God is more than a cosmic vending machine dispensing answers to our prayer request. God (who exists in rich, eternal community) desires to connect with each of our lives on a personal level. And nothing reveals our true selves like pain. Sometimes there are no clear reasons why we face personal sadness or tragedy. But one thing we can know for sure our moments of sadness provide the perfect conditions for God to reveal Himself.
So today we will examine a Psalm of Lament. As we will see, a Lament Psalm is not just a way to register our complaints to God. It is way for us to reveal our true hearts to God. And in this exchange is where God brings about healing and patient wisdom.

Key Question:
Why doesn’t God do something right now? I want to know the reason why.

But I know what the reason can’t be:

  • It can’t be because His followers are always shielded from pain.
  • It can’t be because God is removed from the effects of human suffering.

Notice this Tension in Psalms 22:

  • God seems absent in this moment.
  • Yet, I still believe in God at this moment.

1. Lament can also be a meaningful way to lead people in to corporate worship

2. Lament is not just request for ourselves before God, but a revealing of ourselves before God. – Psalms 22:1-19, esp v. 19

  • God is looking for us to not just register our requests- but to share our hearts 
  • Why- because that’s what people in real relationships do.

3. Lament can express our true frustrations with the following

  1. Feeling totally alone – Psalms 22:1
  2. Divine silence, – Psalms 22:2
  3. Personal Shame, – Psalms 22:6
  4. Attacks by humans, – Psalms 22:12-21
  5. Physically limitations – Psalms 22:17

4. Lament always leaves room for God’s ultimate reign (even among the nations – Psalms 22:27-31


Finish these statements:

  1. God, I am disappointed that…
  2. This has made me feel…
  3. But, God I do trust that…