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Sermon Notes

Introduction to HABITS
It’s obvious that our personal choices shape our lives. But what may not be so obvious is the extreme power of habits that have broad reaching for not only our own lives, but our family lives, our friend, community and church. Small decisions compounded over time can bring health or disease, peace or stress, friendship or isolation. When we examine the Bible we see up close the power that these habits can have. Join us this Sunday as we continue this new series. Along the way we will discover how the habits of Jesus followers are better than the habits of our modern world. These small habits can literally change our lives for the good.

Key Point:
Small healthy decisions repeated over time reap grand rewards in surprising ways.

Key Question: Would you consider the patterns of Jesus as a regular part of your routine?

1. Jesus begins his ministry with being alone – Matthew 4:1

  • Eramos “Wilderness, desolate place, solitary place, the quiet place

2. Jesus regulates his ministry by being alone on a regular basis – Mark 1:38-39

  • This is not a break from ministry. This is source of strength for ministry

3. Jesus invites his followers to do the same – Mark 6:30-33

  • Life can get very busy
  • Notice the mention of quiet – not a distraction, not entertainment, quiet
  • There is always something knocking at the door, a need that must be met, a meeting that must be attended
  • Jesus sent them away

4. Jesus did this regularly – Luke 5:13-15

Plan to go to the T.O.P. daily.
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Discussion Questions


  1. Pastor Rusty makes the point that more and more people are addicted to social media. Do you have a tendency in yourself to spend more and more time online?
  2. In Matthew 4:1 we read how before Jesus began his ministry, he went to a solitary place. We know Jesus loved people, so why do you think he made it a point to get away from everyone before launching his public ministry?
  3. Before Jesus began a time of intense ministry in Mark 1:35-39, he went to a solitary place where he prayed. Pastor Rusty suggested this wasn’t a break from ministry, but rather Jesus connecting with the source of his strength. What can we learn from his practice of making it a priority to get away from life’s pressures and distractions?
  4. How often do you turn off your television, music, computer and all your online distractions so you can better connect with God?
  5. Making time to be alone doesn’t happen automatically for most of us. There are always things to do and needs we could help meet. Notice in Mark 6:30 that Jesus left those to whom he had been ministering and went to a quiet place with just his closest followers. What do you need to change which could help you make time to be alone?
  6. In this message Pastor Rusty has focused on our tendency to fill every waking moment with something. Why can that be dangerous? What do we often miss when we fail to carve out time to be alone with God?


  • Decide where your quiet place will be; where you can get alone with God to think and reflect on him and your need for his help.
  • Decide on a time, whether it’s daily, or weekly, when you will set aside time to connect with God; allowing him time to speak to you and you time to talk to him.
  • What practical lesson do you think God wants you to take away from this study?
  • Take a little time to prayerfully ask God to help you find the following:
    • your quiet place
    • your quiet time
    • to help you better understand the value of making time to be alone with God so you can hear his voice when he speaks to you