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Sermon Notes

How should we respond if Jesus is calling us into a fearful situation?

Key Thought: Jesus calls his disciples into risky situations and then tells them they should only fear one thing.

Jesus and His Disciples

  • Training Phase – Matthew 9:35-36
  • Praying Phase – Matthew 9:37-38
  • Sending Phase – Matthew 10:1-8

We don’t often make the connection between our private conversations with God and our public obedience of God because of fear.

It’s safe and easy to pray. It’s hard and risky to do.

Jesus predicts the challenging realities for his followers Matthew 10:16-22

Jesus’s warning:

  • Hostile environment
  • Watched carefully
  • Flogged
  • Detained
  • Arrested
  • Hated

The one thing you should fearMatthew 10:26-28

  • Jesus points to the afterlife as a motivation in this life
  • A day of reckoning is coming

Application: Would you be willing to lose a little bit of your temporal life to help someone else find eternal life? Who in your community is helpless and harassed? How can you show them compassion this week? – Matthew 9:36