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The Power Of Easter

Sermon Notes

2.2 billion people. That’s the estimated number of humans claiming some allegiance or devotion to Jesus Christ. Our best guess is somewhere around a billion of those have dedicated some time this weekend to celebrate the person of Jesus. No doubt, the Christian movement has had an enormous impact on our world. So large, even those outside of our faith recognize the impact of Jesus’ teaching on the globe. Consider atheist and New Testament scholar Bart Ehrman’s thoughts on the matter: Christianity not only took over an empire, it radically altered the lives of those living in it. It opened the door to public policies and institutions to tend to the poor, the weak, the sick, and the outcast as deserving members of society. It was a revolution that affected government practices, legislation, art, literature, music, philosophy, and—on the even more fundamental level—the very understanding of billions of people about what it means to be human. However, one evaluates the merits of the case, whether the Christianization of the West was a triumph to be treasured or a defeat to be lamented; no one can deny it was the most monumental cultural transformation our world has ever seen. (Bart Ehrman, The Triumph of Christianity)

But this movement is not just a powerful force in our culture. It can be a powerful force on the inside of us. Thankfully, Paul the apostle taught us how to unleash the life-giving force of the resurrection in our lives. No, this power will not make us wealthy or grant us notoriety. But this power will give us clarity and stability to navigate all the challenges we will face.

Paul Believed in the Power of the Resurrection

  • Historically (Romans 1:4)
  • Theologically (Romans 1:16, 8:11)
  • Personally (Romans 15:17-19)

Key Question
So how do I access this power?
(Or how do I live in light of the resurrection?)

  1. Dedicate our bodies to God (Romans 12:1, also 1 Cor. 6:19-20)
    a. Knowing what your body is for and to whom your body belongs brings clarity on many ethical issues for a Christ-follower.
    b. Submission to the will of God will bring about the power of God
  1. Dedicate our minds to renewal (Romans 12:2, also 2 Tim 3:13-16)
    a. “conform” to fit into a pattern or mold, to be squeezed into a certain shape
    b. “transform” (to change, be transfigured, to transform from the inside out)
    c. When you impact the mind- you can change your life.

Key Point
We want to help you grow in this power even if you can’t be here every Sunday.
This help, called OIKOS, is:

  • Convenient (Mobile)
  • Family Friendly
  • Bible-Based

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