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The One True King

The Unexpected King

Main Verse: (Matthew 21:12-15, John 13:1-16)

Key Thought: On this Sunday will recognize Jesus as the world’s most profoundly unique King. Instead of seeking the approval of men, Jesus sought the approval of the heavenly Father. Instead of cozying up to the powerful elite, our Savior stooped down to help the weak and infirmed. Instead of building his kingdom on the backs of the poor, he received wounds on his back that would grant us strength. Jesus brings to this world a kingdom like no other kingdom. Because Jesus is like no other king.

Opening Question for the Series

If you knew you only had six days to live, how would you spend them?

The way you spend these final days says much about your whole life. And when your time is short, core personal values come into sharp focus. Today, this Friday, and next Sunday we will examine how Jesus spent these few days before his crucifixion. His decisive actions during his final week should influence what we do and whom we value. 

The Set-Up (Matthew 21:12-13)

Jesus rides into Jerusalem with the shouts of cheers and with warm welcomes as the son of David. The crowd’s messianic expectations are at a fever pitch this Passover week.  But Jesus, through words and actions, will spend the next few days redefining for them what a true king looks like. And his definition of kingship is nothing like the world has ever seen.

Passion Week Observations

1.  Jesus challenges the wealthy religious establishment (Matt. 21:12-13)

– The temple had its own currency

– The temple also charged a tax

– These two concepts created perfect conditions for swindling honest believers

2. Jesus connects with those who were on the outside of the religious establishment (Matt. 21:14-15)

– The people could not fully participate in temple worship because they could “contaminate” the sacred area

– Jesus reverses the curse by healing them

– Thus, rejecting the insiders and healing the outsiders.  

3. Jesus cleanses the feet of his disciples (John 13:1-6)

What kind of king is this?

What would you do if you knew you were the most powerful person in the room?

Jesus had:


Limited Time

You have:


Limited Time


Identify your power.

Find a way to use it the favor of someone else.

Discussion Questions


  1. In this week’s message, Jesus has a mere six days left to live. If you knew you had only a week left to live, how would you spend it?  
  1. Pastor Rusty observes that when our time is short, it’s then that our core personal values come into sharp focus. What decisive decisions did Jesus make during His final week which can help us live with greater personal and spiritual clarity?  
  1. The temple had its own currency and taxes. These two realities created the perfect conditions for swindling honest worshipers. Jesus challenged the wealthy religious establishment. Where do you think Jesus would be most likely to challenge you personally? Where do you think He would challenge Concord?  
  1. Pastor Rusty notes that Jesus connected with those who were outside the religious establishment by healing them. He also observes that at the same time He rejected the religious insiders. What can we learn from Jesus’ surprising value system? 
  1. In John 13:1-6 Jesus washed the feet of His disciples. Consider this perceptive question, “What kind of king would do that?”  
  1. Jesus was the most powerful person in the room, yet He became a servant to those who followed Him. Pastor Rusty poses this question, “What would you do if you were the most powerful person in the room?”  
  1. Though Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday amidst the shouts and cheers of an adoring crowd, He spent His last week redefining what it meant to be a king. Pastor Rusty points out that Jesus’ definition of kingship is unlike what the world has ever seen. What is most surprising about the way Jesus lived His final week? 
  1. During His last week, Jesus had power and limited time. Today each of us also has power and limited time. How are you using your resources for God’s kingdom?  


  • Take a moment to identify and write down the power you possess.  
  • Jot down several practical ways you will use your power to bless others.  
  • Write down the names of those you are going to bless this week.  
  • Ask God to help you use your power for His kingdom.  
  • Ask God to help you use the power you possess to bless those you just listed.