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Sermon Notes

Title: Unordinary Care for Those Who Are Different

(2 Samuel 9:1-13)


Caring for people who seem different from you requires a radical reassessment of your heart and hands.

The Setting Behind 2 Sam 9.

  • King Saul had been defeated by the Philistines and replaced by one of his sons.
  • David is made king over the region of Hebron.
  • David spent many years securing his hold over Israel and defeating his enemies from within and without.

The Culture and the Characters of 2 Sam 9.

  • The Characters.
  • The Culture.

Applications from 2 Sam 9.

  • People’s Society Views as Different are Still Suffering.
  • Everyone Is Worthy to Be Welcomed with Honor and Dignity.
  • Loving People Who Seem Different from You Means Getting Your Hands Dirty.

Discussion Questions

Main Verses: 2 Samuel 9:1-13


  1. Today’s message focuses on a man with a disability to whom King David showed great compassion. Kindness to the disabled was extremely uncommon in David’s day and is often lacking today. Reflect on a time or on times when you witnessed someone with a disability suffering. How did you respond to their suffering?
  2. King David was now firmly established as king of all Israel. (2 Samuel 8:15) He soon began looking for someone to show kindness to for the sake of his fallen friend Jonathan. Think of someone who has been kind to you that needs you to show compassion to either them or a member of their family.
  3. David Smith notes, “Caring for people who seem different from you requires a radical reassessment of your heart and hands.” In practical terms, how might you go about doing that radical reassessment?
  4. Mephibosheth viewed himself very negatively. He asked David, “What is your servant, that you should notice a dead dog like me?” Despite how negatively he saw himself, David treated the crippled man with profound respect. How can we encourage those who feel worthless?
  5. Often when a new king came to the throne, he had everyone from the former king’s family killed because they sometimes presented a threat to the new king and his dynasty. In stark contrast, David found a way to bless and encourage this member of King Saul’s family. What unexpected person or group who is often overlooked might you be able to encourage?
  6. By showing great kindness to Mephibosheth and his family, the disabled man became like “one of the king’s sons.” (vs. 11) Can you think of a time when kindness changed someone’s life and not only enriched the life of the one helped, but also blessed the person who showed great kindness?


  • Make a list of people society views as different who are frequently overlooked and who often suffer.
  • Everyone is worthy to be welcomed with honor and dignity. Think about the list you just created. What can you do to instill a sense of dignity and value in those who are often ignored?
  • David Smith challenges us with this statement, “Loving people who seem different from you means getting your hands dirty.” Make a list of specific ways you can get your hands dirty to help someone who needs to know they have value.