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Key Question:

Who’s invited to church?

I don’t belong in church because:

– I have sinned (a-lot!)

– I’m not sure I believe everything you believe

– I have tattoos

– I don’t know anyone

– I might feel like a hypocrite

– I can’t make it every Sunday

Main Idea for Friday: Jesus is for Everyone

Key Verse:

Acts 10:1-43


Chief Apostle of Jesus Christ
– Denied Jesus and cursed His name
– Was restored by Jesus
– Became a key leader in the early church


– Lived in Caesarea
– A Roman Soldier
– Commanded 100 Soldiers
– A Gentile

1. Peter wrestled with the idea that Cornelius belonged inside the church (Acts 10:28a)

2. Peter understood that anyone can receive grace (Acts 10:28b)

a. God doesn’t show favoritism (Acts 10:34)

b. Accepting from every nation (Acts 10:35)

c. Everyone who believes receives forgiveness(Acts 10:43)

3. But wait- I can’t be here every Sunday

a. We have a tool.

b. If you are interested in this- scan the QR Code


You belong here.

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