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John 6:15-25

Sermon Notes

Following Jesus will mean times when you feel his presence. But following Jesus means you will
also feel his absence and even total confusion. But in difficult moments, we must cling to
the truth that Jesus retains control over the natural world. Further, we must also accept that
Jesus can surprise us by the way he chooses to show up in our lives. Few stories demonstrate
these truths, like Jesus’ appearance to the disciples in John 6. Here Jesus brings a foundational
truth that is hard to accept but is essential to the church- Jesus is God even when our
circumstances seem fearful.

  1. Jesus knew the importance of alone time (6:15)
  2. In the Gospels (surprisingly), we hear about the absence of Jesus:
    a. He was sought by officials (9:12)
    b. Or the crowds (7:11)
    c. He was absent during Lazarus’ death
    d. Jesus hid himself (8:58)
    e. The disciples were looking for him (Mark 1:35-38)
    f. If you have built your faith in Jesus based upon your constantly perceived
    presence of Jesus, then you will live in doubt.
    g. Stop believing in a Jesus that does not exist and believe in the one that is
    presented in the Gospels.

Popular Myths about Your Relationship with Jesus
 I will always understand what Jesus is up to (Or Jesus will answer all of my questions)
 Jesus’ response to me will be completely satisfying
 I will always feel Jesus’ warm presence
 Jesus would never let anything fearful happen to me

  1. God’s existence can be the singular source of hope (v. 6:20 cf. Ex 3)
    a. Jesus’ words (I am!, do not fear) echo the exact sentiment that God shared with
    Moses. Things are strange; I am real, have no fear.
    b. Anomalies, unexpected surprises, and random events can happen to Jesus’ followers
    c. We can still trust in God’s power even when unexpected things transpire.
  2. The disciples trusted in who, not what or how 6:21
    a. They received Jesus.

Believers in God will face a few things that don’t make sense. But without God, all the other
things don’t make sense.

Will you receive Jesus

  • As your Savior
  • As the great I Am

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