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Sermon Notes

We go to church. We know people at church. And we know some things about church. But what is Church? The answers may surprise some. In this new teaching series, we will explore what the New Testament communicates to us about this community of people. We will study the central tenants laid out there and all of us will be invited to recommit ourselves to the Body of Christ as we prepare ourselves for some exciting events this Fall.

Common Observation:
There are several definitions of church floating around. One online dictionary had as many as 17 different definitions. And when you Google the word Church you get over 5 Billion options to choose from that is connected to this topic. But what if we allowed the Bible to define what church should be? Would this not be a better way to understand what Church really is?

But Have You Considered?

Key Reflection:
Shouldn’t we let the God who wrote the book about church be the One who defines church?

Back to Church Campaign- September 12
Advisory Council

Jesus establishes the identity of the Church (Matthew 16:13-19,

Luke records the nature of the church (Acts 2:1-47)

Here we will see that the original church was:

1. Powerful in Action (2:1-4)
– God’s Spirit was present
– He empowered people to share

God gives His power for His purposes

2. Global in scope (2:2-12)
– These groups were vastly different
– Normally there was much fierce competition and some in-fighting
– Your support has helped see this come into fruition

3. Scripture offers the appropriate explanation of God’s work
– ἀποφθέγγομαι – meaning to enunciate plainly, to explain from a
position of authority
– We are forever dependent on the Word of God to understand the
work of God

4. Salvation as its priority (2:36-39)

5. Disciple making as its process.
– They were learning through relationships
– Sharing with everyone
– See Miracles and God’s activity
– Generous
– Taking the Lord’s Supper and worshipping
– Having favor with all the people

Discussion Questions


  1. Pastor Rusty observes that one online dictionary has 17 different definitions for the
    word, “church.” This new series which begins today is intended to help us
    understand the church. As of today, how would you define “church?”
  2. The identity of the church is closely connected to the identity of Jesus. Matthew
    16:13-19 focuses on Jesus’ identity. Why are the church’s identity and Jesus’
    identity so connected to one another?
  3. Luke records what the nature of the church is in Acts 2. God’s Spirit empowers His
    people to share His truth. Pastor Rusty observes, “God gives His power for His
    purposes.” What do you think he means by that statement?
  4. In Acts 2 the early church was involved in global ministry because people from
    widely diverse areas were visiting Jerusalem at the time of the events described
    here. Pastor Rusty says, “The church is global in scope.” What does that mean?
    How is Concord involved in global ministry?
  5. Why do you think Pastor Rusty means when he says, “We are forever dependent on
    the Word of God to understand the work of God?”
  6. What is the central focus of the church based upon Acts 2:36-39?
  7. Pastor Rusty suggests that the central process the church engages in is disciple
    making. What activities do so you see going on at Concord that contribute to the
    process of making disciples?


  • Where do you think God wants you to be involved in His work at Concord?
  • What is something you could do in the next 30 days that might have an impact on God’s work in another part of the world?
  • How might you share the hope you’ve found in Christ with others this week?
  • What do you need to do this week which could help you and others become more committed disciples of Christ?
  • Ask God to empower you to see the world as He does and live as He wants you to live
  • Pray God will help you: 1) Know where to serve Him at Concord. 2) Know what you can do to impact the world. 3) Share the hope you have in Christ with someone this week. 4) Become a more committed disciple this week.