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Sermon Notes

Matthew’s Themes:

  • Jesus is the King 
  • We are Part of Jesus’ New Kingdom
  • Jesus Teaches Us How to Live in this Kingdom

Jesus tells us who he is.
Jesus tells us what he is going to do.

1. This is who Jesus is – Matthew 16:13-19

  • He is the Christ
  • Jesus is the only one who ever has, or ever will match the descriptions of the Messiah in the Old Testament.
  • He is Son of the Living God (Jesus was not trapped in stone as the other deities were.) 

I know something about Jesus.
I totally believe in Jesus.

2. This is what Jesus is doing

  • He will build the church

For Jesus, the Church is never just a building. But is always building.

Answer these two questions

  • Who do you think Jesus is?
  • What is your relationship to church?

Discussion Questions


  1. Christ followers have historically help others as an expression of their faith. Their aid
    has often crossed ethnic and religious backgrounds. Why do you think helping other
    people has almost always been part of Christianity?
  2. In verse 15 Jesus directly asked Peter “who do you say that I am?” Why is it so
    important that we know who Jesus is?
  3. Pastor Rusty talked about how Peter moved from “knowing something about Jesus to
    totally believing in Jesus.” What is the difference between knowing about Jesus and
    believing in Jesus?
  4. What does it means to believe in Jesus? Why is it important to believe in Jesus?
  5. How can it strengthen your faith to know Jesus is the only person who has ever lived to
    fulfill 55 of the Old Testament prophecies made about his identify as the Messiah?
  6. Jesus made the point that “the law is here to help us serve God, we are not here to
    serve the law itself.” Why is it important for us to understand that? Pastor Rusty takes
    Jesus’ point a step farther when he says, “is this ritual helpful or hurtful to people?”
    Examine your own rituals and ask if they are helping or hurting others?
  7. Pastor Rusty made the point from Matthew 12:7-8 that “Jesus desires mercy over
    sacrifice” He says, “Being helpful is helpful in our obedience to God.” How are you
    putting this principle into practice in your own life?


  • If Jesus were to ask you the same question he asked Peter, “Who do you say I am,” how would you answer his question?
  • What does the fact that Jesus is the “Son of the living God” mean to you?
  • Have you personally placed your faith in Jesus? If you have not, what is preventing you from doing that today?
  • Take a moment to honestly answer this question, “What is your relationship with the church?” Write down your answer.
  • If your relationship with the church isn’t what God wants it to be, ask him to show you how it needs to change. After that prayer, write down three goals for how you want your relationship with the church to improve in the next 12 months.