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Sermon Notes

Find: 1 Corinthians 11:23-32

1. Jesus is our Sacrificial Offering
The focus of communion is Jesus’ sacrifice for each of us
The new covenant means we no longer sacrifice animals to be forgiven for our sins. We can be right with God because of Jesus’ Once for All Sacrifice

2. Jesus Tells Us to Examine Ourselves
To take communion in an “unworthy” manner is take it without focusing on Our Sin & Jesus’ Sacrifice to Forgive Us.

Discussion Questions:


  1. Why do believers sometimes fall into the trap of not taking communion seriously? 
  2. Pastor Tim says, “The focus of communion is Jesus’ sacrifice for each of us.” What does Jesus’ sacrifice mean to you? 
  3. The first communion was celebrated on Jesus’ final Passover with His disciples. What is the significance of Jesus connecting the Passover and communion as He obviously did? 
  4. Near the end of verses 24 and 25 Paul quotes Jesus when He says we are to celebrate communion by taking the bread and juice, “in remembrance of me.” What does that mean and how can we do that?
  5. Pastor Tim suggests if we don’t make it a point to remember significant events and people from our past, we tend to forget them. How does communion help you remember and celebrate what Jesus did for you on the cross? 
  6. Jesus’ death was God’s “once for all time sacrifice” so we no longer must sacrifice animals to obtain God’s forgiveness. Consider how sin might seem more serious if you had to purchase an animal that you knew was going to lose its life because you hadn’t lived up to God’s standards. 
  7. Paul made the point that to take communion irreverently is serious because it treats Jesus’ sacrifice for us as trivial. How can focusing on our sin and Jesus’ incredible sacrifice prevent us from doing that? 
  8. Paul says we are to examine ourselves before taking communion. How do we do that?


  • Make a list of at least 5 sins you have committed recently. 
  • Thank God that you don’t have to purchase an animal that will have to die for the sins you just listed. 
  • Thank God for sending Jesus to die in your place. Thank Him for the incredible love that prompted His amazing sacrifice for you. 
  • Ask God to help you be deeply moved by His sacrificial love every time you celebrate communion.