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Sermon Notes

Luke 12:13-21

Key Thought:
Most of us have extra. And when we have extra money, we are just naturally tempted to be selfish. In this lesson, we will observe Jesus doing impromptu teaching about money. And Jesus gives us a stern warning about pursuing more just for more’s sake. Because when this happens, it is difficult for us to overcome the gravitational pull of personal greed.
Remember a time that you had to share but felt a reluctance to do so. Do you remember why?
Jesus wraps up some of his most important teachings with parables. Parables are relatable stories that often have an unexpected twist. In this story, Jesus illustrates the dangers of having extra and gives a harsh rebuke to those who are chasing after more. Luke 12:13-21

Supporting Points:

  1. Jesus was not interested in helping someone enrich themselves (v. 13-14)
  2. This interaction led to a warning. (v. 15).
  3. Greed can sneak up in all kinds of way
  4. Jesus follows up with a parable (vs. 16-21)
    Is God against me gaining financial success? No. God is against fostering selfishness.
  • He thought to himself (closed off from outside influence)
  • His wealth was for his pleasure alone
    More Stuff = More Stress
    Here is what is missing:
  • Supporting God’s Causes
  • Helping God’s People

Key Thought:
Giving now puts you in charge of how your extra is spent.
Hoarding now puts other people in charge of how your extra spent.


  • Giving something if you are currently giving nothing
  • Giving a tithe if you are currently giving sporadically
  • Give an offering by joining Us in our “D.R.I.V.E.” campaign.
    o BIG GOAL- Debt Free in 2025
    o Current Loan $1,246,879.50
    o Monthly Payment $7300

Discussion Questions


How is your debt retirement plan going?  

  1. Pastor Rusty observes that “Greed can sneak up in all kinds of ways.” How have you observed this happen in your life? 
  2. How would you describe the connection between financial success and greed? Do you see any relationship between these two? 
  3. In Luke 12, the farmer in this story viewed his money through the prism of his pleasure alone. He never considered how he could help others or how he could support God’s causes. When you have extra money, is your first response to spend more on yourself or to give more to God’s work?  
  4. Pastor Rusty observed that generally, “More Stuff = More Stress.” Do you agree? How so? And if true, how should this maxim affect your spending on Stuff? 


  • To stop greed, you must give. What is your plan for giving to God’s work? 
  • Ask God where He wants you to be more generous.  
  • Consider joining the D.R.I.V.E. campaign.